Kanula Mundara Kadaliyaade... Yours is the most Compassionate and Beautiful Form

Kanula Mundara Kadaliyaade, Karuna Roopamu Neevu
Pilachinantane Palukarinche, Prema Bhaavamu Neevu
Neeve Maa Sarvam Neeve Maa Praanam
Girula Taruvula Taaki Gala Gala, Paaru Nadulamu Memu 
Aruna Kiranapu Kaanti Mila Mila, Meriyu Kadalivi Neevu (2) 
Neeve Maa Sarvam Neeve Maa Praanam, Yella Velala Madhuvu Korakai
Vedaku Bhramaramu Nenu, Prema Madhuvulu Nindiyunna 
Hridaya Kamalamu Neevu (2)
Neeve Maa Sarvam Neeve Maa Praanam.

Yours O Lord, is the most compassionate and beautiful form that moves in front of our eyes. You are the Love that responds to every call of ours. 
You are our life, You are our everything. 
We are the rivers on mountaintops that keep gurgling and gushing through valleys and forests. You are like the ocean that shines resplendently when streaks of sunlight fall on it. 
You are our life; You are our everything.
We are the honeybees that incessantly search for nectar; You are the lotus whose heart is filled to the brim with the nectar of Love. 
You are our life, You are our everything. 
You are that feeling of Love who responds when we call on Your name.

Source: Song 21, Section 6, Telugu Group Songs, Vandana: Students’ Prayer Book


  1. What a song sairam. Nothing can equal this in expressing his love

  2. What a wonderful song.. Thank you brothers sairam

  3. Sairam bangaruu, this is most favorite song and love this but not able to download, can anyone help to download this song bangaruu


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