When Sri Sathya Sai Inaugurated 'Trayee Brindavan'...

Thursday, April 26, 1984

Trayee Brindavan - Sri Sathya Sai Mandir in Bangalore
The 26th of April 1984, was memorable day in the Sai Era. Bhagavan inaugurated His New residence ‘Trayee Brindavan’ at Whitefield that day. Prior to the inauguration ceremony, Bhagavan distributed clothes to all those who had been associated with the construction including the architect, Sri Athale of Bombay, Brig. Bose, and Sri Vimalanathan, who supervised the construction. Clothes were also distributed to the students, doctors and other devotees. 

Huge crowds of devotees and special invitees had begun to assemble in the Sai Ram Mandap and in the Shamiana near the new building since the wee hours of morning. Bhagavan came in a procession at 9 am in a new Rolls Royce car. The procession was led by a group singing Bhajans, a military band and a group chanting Vedic hymns. Richly caparisoned cows from Gokulam formed part of the procession. Bhagavan was received at Trayee Brindavan at 10 am by the priests who were performing ‘Homas’ at the residence. Bhagavan cut the ribbon and unveiled the tablet with the inscription ‘Trayee Brindavan’. Narayana Seva was performed on this occasion.

Some of the press reporters requested Bhagavan for a message that He would like to give on this occasion. Bhagavan said, “Your joy alone is My joy”. He added further that the building was the result of the labour of love and devotion of numerous devotees. He recalled in this context, the monkeys and squirrels that had helped Lord Rama build the bridge to Lanka. 

In the evening, Smt. M.S. Subbulakshmi; the reputed violinist, Prof. Jog, Smt. S. Janaki and Smt. P. Leela presented a musical programme. Bhagavan blessed the artistes and the vast gathering of devotees.         


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