Trayee Sessions: Part 24

Sunday, May 20, 2001

Swami came at 4.00 pm. He spoke to few Hospital Boys in the Central Hall. Coming near the Jhoola, Swami asked a Hospital Boy…

Swami : No work in Hospital? You have to go back? (Seeing Pandit Venkateshwara Rao) Venkateshwara Rao, when did you come? Be seated.

Pandit : I came yesterday. My eyes can’t see. An operation is needed.

Swami : (To Brindavan Warden) His son is here. He works in the Railways in Krishnarajpuram station. He wants his son to come over here. (Pointing to Sriram, a student of II M.Sc. (Chemistry) class) They have praised him a lot.

B. Warden : Sri Indulal Shah and others… (Swami had sent Sriram to Bombay to give Prasadam to Mrs. Sarla Shah who was sick and hospitalised.)

Swami : They have written, “We have never seen such a boy. His father, brother, all were in Bombay, but he never went home. He did only Swami’s work. Whole night he was in the Hospital (where Mrs. Shah was admitted)”.

B. Warden : I saw him for morning Darshan.

Swami : Indulal Shah sent a message, “I didn’t even give him coffee. The boy’s words were encouraging. The boy said, ‘Swami has said that everything will be fine’. “The second day she (Mrs. Sarla Shah) became fine.” He went and gave them courage. He said, ‘Swami will look after. Swami will cure’.

Sriram : I said whatever Swami told.

Swami : To tell that also, you need feeling. What did you tell?

Sriram : I said that their devotion would cure her.

Swami : (To Brindavan Warden) Their devotion has increased. They have no words to explain this. Very, very happy. This boy didn’t go anywhere. Parents and brother were there. But he didn’t go there. Other boys would have gone elsewhere. But he went only for Swami’s work.
(To Sriram) Why didn’t you go home?

Sriram : Swami sent for work.

Swami : Hanuman went to see Sita, but he came back burning Lanka. He did as he was told. Sarla Shah has also written, “It is our luck to get such good boys. Rama sent Hanuman. Sairama has sent His student.”

Sriram : It is chance for us to serve You.

Swami : Speak something.

Sriram : Shall I tell about this?

Swami : Yes.

Sriram described the whole incident and sang a song at the end. Swami blessed him at the end of his speech. 

Swami then gave a Discourse. A gist of the Divine Discourse:
During the battle with Ravana, Lakshmana swooned. Hanuman was sent to get the Sanjeevini Parvata (mountain). Hanuman while coming back descended in Nandigrama, where Bharata was doing penance and gave him the news. While everybody was perturbed, Urmila (Lakshmana’s wife) and Sumitra (Lakshmana’s mother) were the only ones who were unperturbed. Sumitra said, “If Lakshmana is wounded and can’t serve Rama, I will send my second son Shatrughna to serve Him”. That was the level of her selfless and sacrificing nature. Sumitra means a good friend. 
Hanuman returning with Sanjeevani Mountain

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