"Swami wants your Love..."

March 12, 1997, Evening

Swami enquired about Sri V.K. Narasimhan’s throat…

V.K.N.: Yes Swami, there is so much pain that I am not even able to speak.

Swami: (Humorously) You fought with your wife. That is why you lost your voice.

Student: Swami, throat infection, and unbearable pain.

Swami: Cut your throat and throw it in Chitravati. (Jokingly)

Student: Please Swami, it is paining too much.

Swami: Nothing will happen, don’t worry.

Student: Swami, Prasadam

Swami: Prasadam? (Swami asked one student to get the Vibhuti bag from inside. He gave Vibhuti packets to the sick student. To a 1st standard student who was celebrating his birthday…) Where do you come from? (No reply from the student) Which language? Telugu, Tamil, Kannada?

Student: Telugu, Swami. (He answered very softly)

Teacher: Swami, he is a Telugu student.

Swami: Where do you come from? (In Telugu)

Student: Kothacheruvu, Swami,

Swami: Kothacheruvu? This Kothacheruvu (a town near Puttaparthi) or some other one?

Student: This Kothacheruvu. 

Then Swami created Vibhuti for him and asked him to raise his hands. The student raised his tiny hands, but they did not reach Swami’s hand.  So, a teacher caught his hand and raised it up. Swami kept the Vibhuti in his hands…

Swami: I am an old man. I cannot bend. (Swami enquired from many students about their journeys homewards. To one student…) Kab Ka Book Kiya?) (For which date did you book your ticket?)

Student: Swami, first.

Swami: Kahan?

Student: Swami, Punjab.

Swami: Punjab! (To another student) You?  

Student: Swami, April first.

Swami: Where?

Student: Delhi. 

Then Swami distributed chocolates to all the students sitting in the middle portico.In the Bhajan Hall, Swami talked to a visiting professional tabla player. When Swami came near him, he opened a bag and showed his tabla to Swami.

Tabla player: Swami, I brought this tabla.

Swami: Keep it with you. Swami wants your Love. Tumhara Prem Chahiye.

Tabla player: For the Mandir.

Swami: What does Mandir want? Mandir’s property is Mandir only.

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