Sri Sathya Sai: Sakala Devata Swaroopa - By Dr. K. Devsen

Dr. Devsen with Sri Sathya Sai
“Yato Vacho Nivartante Aprapya Manasa Saha”. 

Words cannot adequately describe even a minute fraction of His Infinite Glory; nor can the human mind and intellect ever comprehend His real nature. What do I write about one whom I am incapable of even comprehending? And how do I write when the known languages are incapable of describing even an iota of His nature, grandeur and glory? However, I venture to offer at the Divine Lotus Feet a few glimpses into His unfathomable nature, that I gathered staying in His divine company. 

The sun in the East has risen and was continuing its tireless journey across the sky heralding an eventful day. It was a quiet, peaceful morning with cool and fresh wind swaying the tall trees into a little lilt to the accompaniment of the music of melodious birds. The place was called Nandanvanam. reminding one and all of the place where the Lord had previously performed His Leelas in plenty. A group of students were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Bhagavan in a spacious room. 

After a while, the effulgent form neck to toe in flowing red robe, with a Natural crown of curly dense hair, slim yet majestically built, ever bubbling with youthful energy, His face beautiful beyond description, with large lustrous eyes sparking like diamonds so full of love that envelops you with tenderness, with a heart melting smile playing on His lips that sends everybody into raptures, Bhagavan majestically glided into the room. Making everybody comfortable, He, in a mellifluous tone and in His characteristic style asked, 'Emi Ayina Vuntae Adgandi'.

Eternal puppeteer He is, made the boys pray to Him to enlighten them on the significance of 'SAI AVATAR'. The replay the Lord gave was so profound and revealing that it echoes in the corridors of memory. 

Bhagavan in His inimitable style explained through an illustration. Comparing this creation to a big factory. Bhagavan explained that the different gods are like the directors, managers and supervisors. Workers of this factory are akin to human beings. All of them have definite duties to perform according to the position they occupy. Thus one of the duties of Vishnu is to visit (incarnate) the factory ten times (Dasha Avataras) in four Yugas. Bhagavan then in His infinite Love enlightened on His nature and grandeur. In His usual nonchalant manner He said - This Sai is the owner of this factory. I do not have a time schedule to adhere to nor can any law bind me. I am the ultimate from whom everything originated, in whom it is preserved and in whom it will be destroyed. I am SAKALA DEVATASWAROOPA, for when I the owner visit the factory, all the directors, managers and supervisors too accompany.
Elaborating on the significance of Sai Avatar, He compared the Shirdi Sai avatar to a mother cooking food, Sathya Sai Avatar to a mother serving food, Prema Sai avatar to a mother washing the vessels.

The Sai Mother has come to bring the children who have overstepped the 'supper time' while at play and save them from their own 'games and gadgets'. Who can gauge the extent of mercy that makes the almighty bend to our level, grant us the 'toys' we want, so that we will partake of the 'immortal food' that He is serving ? Who can describe the compassion that binds the eternal absolute in terms of time and space? Truly His is the form that divine love and mercy crystallised into. The 'food' He is giving in His infinite love and compassion is the real 'food' which confers on us everlasting bliss and immortality. He has come solely for the purpose of liberating us from the darkness of ignorance into the everlasting effulgent light of wisdom and bliss. He reminds us that the descent of God into earth as man must be reciprocated by the ascent of man into godhead. He reveals to us that life is an experience meant to train the individual for a higher, deeper, more expanded state of existence through the experience of results of actions. He alters our attitudes: remakes our personalities and awakens our inner beings with His hidden touch. 

His life is His message. Through His equal love for all He teaches us that God is in us and is in all. He is a vision of tenderness, grace and calm, though in His palm He holds the entire universe. It is a lesson for us to lead a contented quiet life with a mind that rests in God unaffected by the vissicitudes of life. He reminds us that patience is the quintessence of inner growth. The Ananda which He radiates gives us a sense of liberation from the drive of this life Hearing to His sweet words of counsel, simple in expression but profound in content, the thrust and the play of impulse and desire is lost He approaches us at our respective levels of maturity, sees through and understands our problems and infuses through His love, goodness and godliness in us. 
Dr. Devsen receiving gold medal from Sri Sathya Sai
The Sanathana Sarathi is here to take hold of the reins of life and become our Sarathi. Let us not then ask 'coffee powder' from this 'Kalpavruksha'. Trusting His wisdom, let us march forward and merge in Him. 

Dr K. Devsen
Former Student, Research Scholar & Faculty Member
Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam
Currently, Head (IT and Knowledge Management), Tata Trusts

Source: Sai Vandana 1990

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