Sathya Sai Stories in Kodaikanal - By Gaurav Khanna

Swami with Students in Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, Ooty
The Year 1978: I joined Bhagavan's school at the age of seven. I was hot-headed, unyielding and often disrespectful. I had joined the school, not aware of the great blessing I was receiving. And unknowingly I surrendered my life to the Lord and was prepared to be shaped as He wished. That was how Bhagavan brought me close to His Divine Lotus Feet. 

Bhagavan's school was very different from other schools in many respects. Among other things, the emphasis was on "Simple Living and High Thinking". With my focus entirely on Bhagavan, my mind was free from various unnecessary thoughts. The world of Lord Sai was so nice and full in itself that I learnt some of the most important lessons of my life. It was that of unselfish and unconditional love. I used to watch Lord go around during the Darshan times, blessing people and solving their problems. Bhagavan's form itself is Love. Bhagavan loves one and all, without exception. This framed the thought in my mind: "Love is God and that one should love all and serve all". 

Another facet of Bhagavan's personality that has drawn me nearer to Him was the Will to give. Bhagavan is always seen giving, giving and giving. He gives to one and all irrespective of caste, creed or country. He gives different things to various people, all because He loves them. This crystallized the thought within me: "Love lives by giving and forgiving, and self-lives by getting and forgetting.” 

Yet another admirable facet of Bhagavan's Divine personality is that of detachment to the world. That is why Bhagavan is so peaceful and free from unnecessary worries. That is also the reason why we feel like looking at Him for He is "Perfection personified". 
Sathya Sai with Students in Sai Sruthi, Kodaikanal
Our Lord Sai is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent. A small but unforgettable incident which took place in Kodaikanal many years back, opened my eyes to this fact. On one of the days when Bhagavan was talking to all the boys about the Leelas of Lord Krishna, I was sitting at His left, very close to His Lotus Feet. It so happened that He kept His left hand tightly rolled into a fist. Seeing His left hand closed, a doubt crept in my mind. I thought that Bhagavan may be hiding something in His hand, which He would 'create' in a short while. But to my utter amazement He didn't 'create' anything. Bhagavan finished His talk and went down for lunch. In the meantime, I forgot all about the doubt I had a few minutes back. During the lunch I was standing in the kitchen. Bhagavan came inside the kitchen. As He walked past me, He dropped something into my shirt pocket. As He moved on, I took it out and saw that it was a pencil battery. A few minutes later, Bhagavan returned and said to me: "I gave you that battery only to show you what was in my left hand. You were wondering as to what Swami was hiding in His hand. Swami never hides anything. Everything is in My hands. I do not need anything." I folded my hands in repentance and tears trickled down my cheeks. It was only then that I realised that the fleeting impulse on my mental screen, which lasted only for a fraction of a second, had been closely observed on the Divine Radar. This only goes to prove the Omniscience of our Lord. 

Secondly, this incident shows how compassionate and merciful the Lord is to have taken notice of such an insignificant being. He, the Supreme Guru, had taken the trouble to remove the seed of doubt and draw me a step closer to Him. 

In Kodaikanal, Bhagavan used to speak about the Leelas of Lord Krishna. He related the following two incidents: 
Sri Sathya Sai narrating stories to students in Sai Sruthi, Kodaikanal
The first incident was related to Dhobi. When Lord Krishna and Balarama went to meet Kamsa; they walked around the streets of Mathura first. They came across a washerman washing the clothes of the King. They walked up to him and asked him to give them a few clothes. The washerman lost his temper and asked them to get out. Lord Krishna caught him by the neck and threw him to the ground. He died on the spot. Bhagavan went on to explain the reason for Lord Krishna's action. Lord Krishna was not violent when He killed the washerman. It was an act of Compassion, and the fulfilment of the promise given by Lord Rama in the Threta Yuga. This washerman was same as the one who was present during the times of Lord Rama. As it was this washerman who had caused the separation of Lord Rama and Mother Sita, by turning away his wife saying that he was not like Lord Rama who had accepted Mother Sita when she returned from Lanka. When Lord Rama sent Mother Sita to the forest, the washerman realized his mistake and the great sin that he had committed. He fell at Lord Rama's feet and prayed to Him to kill him with His own hands. But Lord Rama merely said that his wish would be fulfilled later. And Lord Rama did fulfil his wish when He came in the form of Lord Krishna. 

The second incident was about a hunchback lady. As Lord Krishna moved forward leaving the washerman's place, He came across a hunchback lady, by the name of Kubja. She was carrying some perfumes for the king. Krishna asked her if she would give Him a little perfume. Attracted by Krishna's beauty and charm, she allowed Him to take only a little. Krishna picked up the bottle and emptied it on Himself. Then He caught Kubja by her hair and pulled her up. Lo and behold; her hunchback disappeared and she appeared as a beautiful maiden. She went on singing and dancing in the place. Bhagavan went on to explain the history of Kubja. In the Treta Yuga, Kubja was in the form of Surpanakha. She had a wish to marry Lord Rama then. But Lord Rama couldn't fulfil her wish at that time because of the vow He had taken of ‘One Wife'. In the Dwapar Yuga, Lord Krishna, fulfilled her desire by sublimating her lust altogether, with one touch of His Kubja became a devotee of Lord Krishna. 
Bhagavan related many other incidents from the life of Lord Krishna and connected them to the incidents from the life of Lord Rama. Only Lord Rama Himself can relate authentically what happened during the Treta Yuga. So also, only Lord Krishna can explain what happened during the Dwapar Yuga. But today Lord Sri Ram and Lord Sai Krishna is relating incidents of His previous Yugas. This only proves to us that Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Lord Sai are one. One might pray to Him in the form of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna or Lord Sai He is one and the same. He is that Supreme God — our friend, philosopher and guide.

- Gaurav Khanna
Students (1988-1991), Department of Commerce
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning

Source: Sai Vandana 1990

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