Why Sri Sathya Sai delayed the publication of His Biography?

Saturday, November 29, 1958

On the 29th November 1958, Swami addressed Professor Kasturi ‘Nannaya Bhatta’. This appellation was a year prior to the publication of ‘Sathyam Shivam Sundaram’, Swami’s biography. Swami’s was the invisible hand that held Kasturi’s pen as he crafted this masterpiece. Though Kasturi was blessed as early as 1948 to author this pearl, it was not until 1959 that it became available to devotees. Swami had not allowed the book to be printed as He waited patiently for the world to prepare itself for the book. “If you publish a book about Me now, people will not believe it. They will deem it a fairy-tale. Wait till the world is made ready to receive it” He said.
Professor Kasturi with Sri Sathya Sai
It is interesting to note that Swami called Kasturi ‘Nannayya Bhatta’, because Bhatta is considered the Adi Kavi of Andhra Pradesh. He is one of the three poetical giants who compiled the famous Andhra Mahabharatam. This appellation is very similar to the way Swami, in His previour Avatar, accosted yet another biographer devotee of his. The devotee who used by Baba to author the ‘Sai Satcharitra’ Govind Dabholkar was named ‘Hemadpant’ by Shirdi Baba.

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