"Does any body know how to play cricket?"

December 7, 1997

Swami was speaking about the operations performed in the Super Speciality hospital, especially a by-pass surgery, which took 5 ½ hours. Swami mentioned that the patients were not kept for more than 7 days in the Super Speciality Hospital.

Swami : Does any body know how to play cricket? (Immediately many hands went up) (To a student) Bat or ball? 

Student : Ball, Swami.

Swami : (Swami demonstrated the bowling action). Everything stunt!! They even rub the ball on the trousers, very bad.

Devotee : Swami I want to stay here for ever.

Swami : Why?

Devotee : I am feeling good here.

Swami : You are feeling good here?

Devotee : Yes, Swami. Even my wife wants to come here and stay here permanently.

Swami : (To the students) He is very famous in U.S.A. See his devotion. He has come from Italy and he wants to settle down here. (To another devotee)  You are from London? Are you teaching students? How many students?

Devotee : Around 25 students.

Devotee 2 : Swami, Padanamaskar.

Swami : Why?

Devotee : I want your grace and blessings, that’s why.

Swami : Take.

Swami : (To the students who were showing a card requesting Swami to come to college) What is that? Show, show.

Students : Swami, please come tomorrow.

Swami : Same, same, same copyright, I know, asking for tomorrow. (He saw the card and read) Swami, we pray for Your Divine Message. When? Nahi Likha? (You did not write?)

Students : Tomorrow.

Swami : Only MBA students or other students?

Student : Swami, MBA students.

Swami : What about MFM students and others?

Student : Swami, all students.

Swami : But the workshop was only for SBMAF students. (To the Principal)  This student is telling only MBA students and MFM students.

Students : No Swami, all students.

Student 2 : Swami, this year you have not addressed Management students. We have not been blessed.

Swami : Selfish, selfish, fish, fish. I will come at 8 o’clock. I have to come back for Bhajans by 9.30.

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