"Do you want diamond or Sai Baba?"

December 18,  1997

Swami asked a school student to remove his diamond ring, which He had materialised for him earlier. 

Swami : (To the student) What do you want?

Student : You, Swami.

Swami : Do you want diamond or Sai Baba?

Student : Sai Baba.

Swami : Why? Sai Baba is available for ₹ 2 outside (Referring to the rings with Swami’s photos in them sold on the footpath outside Prasanthi Nilayam Ashram). Diamond has very high value.
Swami blew on the ring thrice and changed it into a gold ring with an embellished picture of Swami showing Abhaya Hasta.

Swami : Sai Baba can change the sky into earth and the earth into sky in seconds, in seconds… (Giving the ring to the student) Now, no fear of diamond. You can wear it continuously.

Teacher : Swami can do anything. So please transform our minds. Swami, we need Your grace…

Swami : Capacity, capacity, sir.

Teacher : Even that comes with Swami’s grace. 

Swami : Yes, yes. I will do. But not now… at the right time. Time, time. Time is important, sir. Everything is time. 


This evening the school captains were sitting in the second block. The 12th and 10th class students were sitting in the fourth block. During Darshan, Swami spoke to the students sitting in the fourth block…

Student : Swami, please allow us to come for morning Darshan.

Swami : Every morning, I am coming to the ground. Stand along the roadside and have Darshan.

After interview, Swami came to the second block and spoke to the School captains…

Swami : (Pointing towards the lion) See, the lion is very hungry. I will give you all to the Lion (Smiling). (To a student) Do you participate in high jump?

Student : Yes, Swami.

Swami : How high can you jump.

Student : Swami, 5½ feet.

Swami : What only 1½ feet? Even a girl can jump that much. Do you participate in long jump?

Student : Yes, Swami.

Swami : How much can you jump?

Student : Swami, ten feet.
Swami : Even a cockroach can jump that distance. 
(Looking at a logo representing cycling in the card) What is this?

Student : Swami cycling.

Swami : It does not look like cycling, it looks like ring tennis. Who made this card?

Student : Swami myself.

Swami : (Looking at the picture, Swami commented humorously) You ride a cycle with hands or legs???

Student : With legs Swami. Swami… Padanamaskar.

Swami : How can I give only to you? So many students are there

Student : Swami please give to all students.

Swami : No time, flute will start.

Student : Swami Padanamaskar for captains.

Swami : How many?

Student : Fifteen Swami.

Swami : Fifteen captains??? How can there be fifteen captains in one game? It will create confusion; there should be only one captain. (Then Swami permitted them to take Padanamaskar. One of the students asked for morning Darshan) Study well… Second year. After this you have engineering and medicine, you should get above 85- 90%.

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