Sri Sathya Sai – The Sadguru - By Dr. D. K. K. Vamsi

DKK Vamsi with Sri Sathya Sai - March 2008
When I was asked to write about my experiences with Swami, I was in a dilemma, as I had never written any of my experiences before. Nevertheless, recollecting the beautiful moments with Swami rather than the thought of writing an article left me with an ocean of gratitude for the love He has showered upon me. On deeper introspection I realised that my life owes its existence to His Grace and Compassion. The important question that I should have asked is, “What is it that Swami has not done for my living as well as my life rather than, what is it that Swami has done for my living as well as for my life?” With these feeling, I would now try to recapitulate some of the golden moments of love that He made me experience Adharam Madhuram… Nayanam Madhuram…

The first thing that any devotee or a student comes across is the beautiful face, eyes and the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan. When Swami looks at us, I always feel that Swami looks at our past, present and future. When I look into in His eyes I always feel the love and concern of a mother. At the same time, there were instances when Swami would strictly warn me through His glance. All the lessons of discipline and feeling of love were experienced by me in just a single glance of His. Whenever I touched His feet I used to feel a great sense of relief. I knew that once we surrender to Him completely the problem becomes His. So the first lesson I have learnt is that we have to be very attentive when we are with Swami, as we may miss the important lessons of His life, in case we miss a single look of Swami. I have also learnt that it is only in the deep moments of silence and in a state absolute calm that we can communicate with God. Swami knows and owns everything and yet still He is so humble that He acts as if He knows nothing. We know nothing, but we act as though we know everything. We feel that we control things and it is because of us that things happen. I will recollect one incident that made me realise my ignorance.
DKK Vamsi with Sri Sathya Sai - February 2009
Once I was going to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur for a research presentation along with my friends. I was speaking to Swami in my mind, “Bhagavan, it is because of Your grace that we are happy; we have prepared well for the examination; You have to take care of us during the presentation…” Swami patiently listened for a while in my vision and after some time He looked at me and said, “Mee Duty Meeru Cheyyandi Chalu. Migilindi Nenu Chusukuntanu” (You do your duty. That is enough, the rest I will take care). The Registrar on a later date informed us that Swami had enquired with the Vice-Chancellor in Yajur Mandir about our travel and stay at the IIT, Kanpur. This made me realise that Swami is the one who had made this trip happen and Swami is the one who was taking care of us during the trip. On the other hand, we the ignorant ones, try to update Swami, about what He has planned for us. So the lesson is to always do our duty and leave the rest to Swami. Most of the time, we often get intensely worried about our career. We plan many things for our future without realizing that God has already planned everything for us and it is only that we execute His plan in course of time. In my life I am really wonder struck at the way Swami made me do M.Phil. and PhD. He even chose the topic for my research and post-doctoral study. He indeed has taken care of my entire career. I have understood, once we are His students, He indeed makes a unique plan for each of us. Let us endeavour to execute His master plan with humility and self-confidence.
Another important lesson that I have learnt is the supreme value of Bhajans. The one thing that keeps me going all along is Bhajans. Attending Bhajans every day gives me all the relief that even that best treatment in the world cannot give. It is only in the Bhajan session that we commune with God in the best possible way and obtain tremendous peace of mind and joy. This is the time for soul-searching and inner thinking, in an otherwise activity-filled day. These are the valuable lessons which have enriched my life and have elevated me. I express my deep thankfulness and gratitude to Bhagavan who is the very Light of my life. I pray to Him to make me a worthy instrument of His.

- Dr. D.K.K. Vamsi
Student and Research Scholar (2001-2013)
Currently, Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam Campus

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