“Our Students can chant Vedas better than professional Brahmins…”

January 25, 2004 (Sunday) 

At 4.05 pm, the interview room door opened slowly and Swami gracefully entered into the Bhajan hall as a surprise to the students sitting inside. While coming in, He started speaking in Tamil. He asked the students sitting in front. 
Sri Sathya Sai with Students in the Prasanthi Nilayam Mandir Bhajan Hall
Swami : I saw one boy when I came to Hostel. I am not seeing him here. Where is he? (And he added) Music Pillavadu (boy). (One music college boy went to Swami.) Not this boy. (Swami pointed to his nose and said big nose. 

Then one High School student came. Swami nodded as if he was not the one.) (Smiling) This boy has big mouth, that boy has big nose! 

(Then someone mentioned a Music College student’s name and said that he was in Hostel and suffering from viral fever.) From how many days? 

Student : From yesterday, Swami. 

Swami : No. He is suffering from two days. Ask him to take rest. 
(Swami addressed a one lady devotee by calling her name loudly. 
She was very old and her hearing was little impaired. She came near Swami.) What is your age? 

Devotee : Swami, You only know. 

Swami smiled benignly and started telling about the King of Bobbili.

Swami : Very great person. He fought in many battles. He was a brave man who fought courageously. (Pointing to the lady) They left all the kingship and all the royal privileges and came to stay with Swami. Once anybody comes to Swami, they will not like to go back. (Called one Secondary School student and asked) How much did Gavaskar (Rohan) score yesterday?

Boy : Swami, 54 runs. 

Swami : With whom?

Boy : Zimbabwe. 

Swami : He is a good boy. Before he left for tour (Australia), his father (Sunil Gavaskar) came to Me. I gave him blessings, and to his son also. (Then to that boy) Do you play cricket?

Boy : Yes, Swami. 

Swami : Batsman or bowler. 

Boy : Swami, all-rounder. 

Swami : Which group? Ladies group! (There was laughter in the Bhajan hall.) 

Swami addressing the same lady devotee started enquiring about her relatives. 

Swami addressing to another lady devotee in Kannada… 

Swami : How are you? How is our boys’ Vedam chanting? 

Devotee : Swami, very nice Swami. Good vibrations. 

Swami : Yes, yes good vibrations. (Moving His hand in the air and continued) Our Vedam boys know Rigveda, Yajurveda and Samaveda. (Sama Ganam was being sung by Vedam group at that time near the Ganesh portico.) They can chant better than professional Brahmins. Very good.

Then Swami started describing about His visit to Badrinath. How He went on donkeys, how the devotees requested Him to wear cooling glasses for protection from sun rays. He referred to cooling glasses in Telugu as ‘Ice Addalu’. Then Swami mentioned about the Venkatgiri Raja.
Sri Sathya Sai with Venkatagiri Rajaj
Swami : Raja was six foot five inches tall. Once he went to the forest for hunting. His soldiers and body guards were way behind. When he was alone, a tiger attacked him. He raised his hands (Swami demonstrated by raising His own hand) and fought with the tiger and killed it. (Pointing to the tiger skin under His throne) This is verily the same one. He gifted it to Swami as his offering.

Thus, Swami granted a joyful session till 4.35 pm and then asked the Bhajans to commence.


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