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Understand that there is no freewill for individuals. They are constrained by various limitations. God alone has total freewill. All others are bound in one way or another. Whatever one's efforts, the ultimate outcome lies with Providence. Therefore, place your faith in God and do your duty, wherever you may be.  Do not cause any harm to others.  Observe continence, avoid covetousness and lead a good, righteous life.  A bad habit, which may seem trivial in the beginning, may develop into a menace in later life. Correct such faults in the initial stages. Pursue spiritual exercises with the same enthusiasm you have for sports and studies.
The purpose of the Sai Avatar is different from that of Rama and Krishna because the forces of good and evil are now present in every human being and the process of transformation has to be effected in a context very different from the previous Yugas. In the Kali Yuga, the process of transformation has been individualised. Everyone has to correct oneself.  “Child!  You have to save yourself.  I am present within you as a witness.”  This is the Lord’s message.  Hence, everyone should try to reform himself. You have to decide what is right and what is wrong and give up what is bad.
The ways of God are inscrutable. You should not ascribe to God motives which are a reflection of your own feelings. Hence, self-enquiry is essential. Embark on the Divine path with sincerity. You will emerge as leaders in the world. I have high expectations regarding your future. Revere your parents, serve society and protect the nation. It is to produce such students that I am devoting three-fourths of my time to them. Carry out Swami’s injunctions.  Earn a good name. Uphold the prestige of the Sai educational institutions. That is the gratitude you can show to Swami. Do not think of the pens and other gifts you receive. Remember only that Swami gave you good sense. Develop both goodness and Godliness. Beyond these two, there is nothing greater which education can do for you.

Source: Principles of Ideal Living, Discourse 20, My Dear Students Volume 2, January 18,1996


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