"Which class are you studying?"

August 9, 1998

Swami went near the Primary School students, where a boy was holding a sketch…

Swami: (To the student) What is this?

Student: Swami, English project work.

Swami: Is this a drawing or project work?

Student: No, Swami. It is the title page.

Swami: (To Institute students) What is a project?

Student: Doing a particular work… to study a particular field deeply…self-study.

Swami was not satisfied with the answers given. He then asked the same to a teacher…

Teacher: Swami, it is many thoughts put together to achieve a single goal.

Swami:  Just by mere thoughts, you can not achieve a goal. Without knowing the meaning of the word ‘project’, what project work are you doing? 
(To hospital boys) What is a project?

Hospital boy: Enquiry for something.

Swami: Only enquiry? (To students) All of you are doing projects and yet you don’t know it’s meaning. If there is a tea party do you get tea alone? No. You need tea, cups, saucers and many other things. You have to keep the aim in your mind—that is project. What do you call the world in Telugu?

Student:  Swami, Prapancham.

Swami:  Prapancham Ante Panchabuthamula Vikasam. Pra- Vikasinchuta (blossoming), Pancha – Pancha Bhuthas (five elements) – Shabda, Sparsha, Rupa, Rasa, Gandha. Enquiry of all Pancha Bhutas for a single goal is project.
(To a primary school student) Which class are you studying?
Student: Seventh standard, Swami.

Swami: What is the meaning of seventh class? 
(No answer) 1+1+1…. like this, seven ones make seven. You acted in Harischandra drama, is it not?

Student: Yes, Swami.

Swami: Who stands first in your class? (The boy pointed to the particular student) Why don’t you stand first? (The other student came to Swami…) How many marks did you get?

Student: Swami, I got 100 in mathematics.

Swami: 100 marks! Very good.

Student: In Sanskrit also I secured 100 marks, Swami.

Swami: Sanskrit also 100! Can you talk in Sanskrit?

Student: Yes, Swami.

Swami: Talk.  

The boy started talking in Sanskrit, on the Ramayana. But due to fear, he began to fumble and started crying. Swami then wiped his tears lovingly and gently hugged and consoled him.

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