Significance of Magha Masam and the Story of Hanuman and Young Sathya

February 4, 1999

Swami: (To Primary School students) What did you have for breakfast?

Students: Idli and Dosa, Swami.

Swami: Idli and Dosa! (To Institute students) You?

Student: Upma, Swami.

Swami: What? Ubber!

Student: Upma, Swami.

Swami: What ? Chhibber! (Swami’s devotee from New Delhi who has held very senior positions in the Indian Army)

Student: Swami, what should I do after I finish my M.A.?
Swami: Oh! Upma and Dosa! (Mischeavously Smiling)

After Prasadam distribution, Swami came out and accepted letters from the students. Swami then enquired whether all students got Prasadam.

Student: Swami, what should I do after I finish my M.A.?

Swami: Add a ‘D’. Then what does it become?

Student: “MAD”, Swami.

Swami talked to a few more students and enquired from the Higher Secondary school students as to what they had for their breakfast.

Swami: Even Higher Secondary School boys had Upma and Dosa for breakfast. What month is this?

Students: Swami, February!

Swami: No,  ‘Magha Masam’ . During this month in the ancient times people got up at 3’o clock in the morning and took bath. But nowadays….(Swami showed by action the sprinkling of water on head. 

Swami then narrated an incident from His childhood. Once, when Swami was a child, He had asked His friends to take bath early in the morning and go to Hanuman temple to do ‘Pradakshina’ (circumambulation). The students insisted that Swami accompany them in doing the same. Swami had agreed after a little persuasion. But after one round, Hanuman appeared in front of Swami and said, “It is I who should do ‘Pradakshina’ around You and not the other way round.” Swami had then acceded to the request of Hanuman and asked the students to continue their Pradakshina.)

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