Humorous Conversations in the Prasanthi Nilayam Mandir Portico

February 17, 1998

Swami : Aa Abbai Ekkada? (Where is that student?)

Student : Telugu Ledu (No Telugu)

Swami : What?

Student : I don’t know Telugu Swami.

Swami : What did you tell before?  Telugu Ledu  Kadu,  Telugu Dandiga Undi. Telugu Radu. (It is not ‘No Telugu’; tell that you do not know Telugu)  (To the MBA students, mentioning a teacher’s name) Today in his class, he was singing Marathi songs. Isn’t it right?

Students: Yes, Swami.

Swami : How can he sing songs in the class ?  He should teach the subject. (To a teacher) Can a teacher sing songs in the class?

Teacher : No, Swami.

Swami : But today he sang Marathi songs in the class.  Is it right?

Teacher : Swami, he was singing about You. It is a love song.

Swami : No. It is not a Bhajan Mandir. It is a classroom. You can’t sing Bhajans. You can tell Slokas and passages, which are relevant to the subject. One should not sing. (Swami called the teacher…smilingly)  
Why do you sing in the class? It is a classroom, not Bhajan Mandir. You should teach subjects in the Institute 

Teacher : Swami, it is Vidya Mandir. Swami, it is Institute of Higher Learning, not higher education.

Swami : (Smiling for sometime) If you are sent to the mental hospital for a week, it will be all right. Were you singing Marathi songs? Students will not understand.

Teacher : Swami, Urdu song.

Swami : What were you singing ? (The teacher was about to sing)  No, No, don’t sing here. Tell Me whatever you were telling.

Teacher : Swami, I was telling about the story of a poor but peaceful man, walking in a wealthy locality. Everyone was staring at him and he also was staring back at them.

Swami : It was not peaceful. It is Peace-pull.

Teacher : Swami, how was the song ?

Swami : O.K. Where is your mother ?

Teacher : Swami, shall I go and bring her ?

Swami : No, not now.  Now you have to attend the college. Go during the vacations. How is your wife?

Teacher : Swami, she is at Your feet. You know how she is.

Swami : She is fine. How is your kid? (The teacher was smiling as he did not have any children)  Kid Bolne Se Khush Ho Gaya. (As soon as I uttered ‘kid’, he felt happy.) 

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