Why does God Test us?

Why should God test us? What does this test mean? It is not test but it is His taste. Unless you are tested, your determination will not be strong. You appear for four examinations per year. What are they meant for? They are not to trouble you but to develop your interest in the subjects. When you pass in the examination, you are promoted to a higher class. You will be tested even for entering higher studies. God also does the same. Whatever may be the test, you must clear it. Only then, you attain a higher state. It is in fact to protect, not to trouble. It is not a punishment, but only a protection. Then why does God want to test when He knows everything? There is no need for Him to test you as He knows your standard. Only the teacher tests you because he does not know about you. God knows that you are good but He tests in order to set an ideal for others. What you see is one and what God sees is another. God does not put everyone to test. He keeps protecting you. He is always there within you, beside you and around you to safeguard you. How can such a God test you? But all your sins and short comings need to be washed away. We wash the tumbler both inside and outside before using. Is it not enough if you wash inside? But, people outside also should see the cleanliness. “Antar Bahishcha Tat Sarvam Vyapya Narayana Sthitaha”. He tests you in order to strengthen your patience and devotion. Even gold is tested. Everything is tested. Suppose you have been honoured by a degree or you apply for a job. They call you for an interview. Even the interview is an examination. The questions can be very tricky. Once an interview was organised in the third floor of a building. The interviewers asked the person who was being interviewed, “How many steps have you climbed to reach the third floor of this building?” The boy was stunned. He said, “Sir I did not count.” He was rejected for this reason.

These tests are conducted in order to test your courage. Without test, you do not get rest. You should ask for such tests. You have to face the tests and attain a higher stage. If you keep on pestering Swami that you do not want tests, how can you go to a higher state? You remain where you are. In order to progress ahead, you must face the tests and you should have the courage to face them. Even if you are weak or unfortunate, you must try to win. The Godward path is very hard to follow. Whatever happens, take it as God’s will.

We must say, “Whatever You have given me, I offer it back to You. I did not bring anything with me.” You may think that your mother and father have given you this body. They might have given birth to the body, but who put the heart in it? You may feed the body, but who is running the heart incessantly? Who is its Master? Who is the driving force behind the circulation of blood? God Himself takes care of everything that goes on in the body. The eye that is not even an inch long can clearly perceive the stars faraway in the sky. Who has given this strength to the little eye? God has conferred upon you everything. However, you say everything is yours out of ego. This is the greatest ignorance. So, let God do whatever He wants.  

The Jack and Jill Story

Tests come in many ways. Test is the taste of God. God has a taste for raising human beings to greater heights. Whosoever passes His test will experience rest in life. That is what liberation is! Only that person can get Moksha, who passes the test of God. He will get rest from the vicious cycle of ‘Punarapi Jananam Punarapi Maranam’ (repeated births and deaths). You keep on taking birth after birth without any rest. Rest here means having no birth. Punarjanma Na Vidhyate. (There is no rebirth for the one who always thinks of God.) A true devotee should recognise the underlying principle of the tests. I have dwelt upon this earlier but there are some new boys here. There were two classmates of Mine, All the three of us used to sit on one bench. Swami would be in the centre and the two boys sat on either side. One was eight years old and the other was eight and a half years old. Swami was eight years old. When a question was put, Swami used to write the answer under the desk and show it to them out of the sight of the teacher. The boys used to answer the questions just as written by Swami and the teacher would be very happy. There was a very good teacher by name Mehboob Khan. He was a great devotee of Swami. He brought with him whatever eatables that were prepared at his home like Pakodas. He used to feed Swami after the bell was given as there were other boys in the classroom. 

When Swami gave up schooling, the boys who sat next to Swami could not bear the separation. One of them became insane and another put an end to his life. Classes were suspended because the boys protested against attending classes without their Raju. During the prayer session, Swami used to lead the prayer song everyday in the school. In his own compositions, Swami emphasised in those days itself that all religions are one. But, as Swami had left the school, somebody else had to chant the prayer. One Mohammedan boy with a good voice was called on to the stage, but as soon as he got on to the stage, he remembered Swami and broke down. He could not sing. Seeing that boy, the teachers and other boys started crying. That day onwards there was no prayer session in Uravakonda School. 

A little while after Swami left the place, the other boy who went mad also died. They could not live without Swami. Later, they took birth as Jack and Jill. You might have seen the photo of Swami holding the pets. Swami kept these two dogs as pets. The Brindavanam (Tulsi garden) that you find behind the old Mandir is Jack’s memorial. Many do not know about this. Swami never does anything without a cause. Thus, their lives were fulfilled. They would always say, “We will come along with You wherever You are. We will not leave You”. They possessed such a strong determination which caused their liberation.

Determination is most important of all the things. Swami also reciprocates based on the strength of your determination. Your determination may shake, but Swami’s will power will never change. When your determination becomes weak, Swami also reciprocates accordingly. It is your reflection, reaction and resound. A mirror does not possess anything. It only reflects whatever is happening in front of it. Everything is reflection, reaction and resound. It is the same with Swami. He reflects your feelings towards Him. So be good and be determined to do only good actions and succeed in that.

Source: Discourse 4, My Dear Students Volume 2; Divine Discourse delivered on April 22, 2000 at Trayee Brindavan

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