How can we see God? Where can we see God?

You have to recognise the truth that, all the materials that you see in this world are the reflection of something that you have not seen. The multiplicity depends on the principle of unity. Nevertheless, unity and diversity are one and the same. Unity and diversity are not two different entities. Unity is the basis for the multiplicity. On deeper introspection, you would find that both are the same. Like the two faces of a coin, diversity is another side of unity. Consider the case of a coin. On one face of the coin, we have the king of South Africa, and on the other side, we have the national animal of South Africa. Is this coin one or two? It is one only. Therefore, multiplicity is not separate from unity, but is dependent on unity.

Today, in this world, we see many men whose names and forms, habits and thoughts, dresses, languages and appearances differ. However, all of them are human beings. Similarly, the principle of Atma is one in all. That is why it is declared by the scriptures, “I am the Atma in every one”. In every individual, you find the reflection of Atma. Though the individuals are different, Atma is one. The object is one, but the reflections are many. During the day, the sun shines all alone in the sky. But you can see its reflection in the tank, in the pot, in the tub, etc. In fact, wherever you find water, you can see the sun shining. However, are there many suns? No, there is only one sun. Similarly, there is only one God and one Atma. Bodies are like different pots. In these pots, we have the water of desires. Even in this water, you can see God, who is in the form of Atma. However, Atma is not many. There is only one Atma in all the beings – realise this.

See God Everywhere

Today, man thinks that there are many Gods with different forms. But realise that God is one. It is said, ‘Ek Prabhu Ke Anek Naam’ (Many names of the same Divinity). Atma is one, reflections are many. It is not just reflection alone, but also the combination of reflection, reaction and resound. Therefore, one gets deluded that there are many Gods. God is one, and goal is one. Only the paths are different. The ignorance of man is such that he is not able to recognise the Divinity, even though God is within him. Many people want to see God, but they get lost in the despair that they are not able to see Him. This is the first step of ignorance. Where do you look for Him? He is everywhere. God is the resident of your hearts. His hands and feet are there everywhere. His eyes and ears are there in all places. He pervades everything. Where can you ‘look’ for such Divinity? Searching for God is a big mistake. Open your eye of wisdom! Then, you can see Him everywhere. There was a man who prayed to God, in different ways, for many years. However, he did not find Him anywhere. He prayed to God to fulfill all his wants – a job, a promotion, children of this type, etc. God went on giving him whatever he wanted. However, he could not find God. Why was he unable to see God? It is because people keep on praying without knowing who is God. God has the form of Sat-Chit-Ananda. They are going behind physical and worldly things, without knowing the real nature of God, Sat-Chit-Ananda. Likewise, I exist in everyone.

Every individual’s body is similar to a temple. In that temple exists the form of Atma. What is the form of Atma? It is all forms, and all names. If such is the case, where can you look for it? Therefore, what we have to learn is that, we should not criticise anyone. We should not hate anyone. We should not ridicule or blame anyone. That person’s body is also a temple of God. God exists everywhere. Whomsoever you criticise, you are criticizing God. In what form does God exist? God is in the form of Love. We cannot explain, and our minds cannot comprehend this. How can you really describe such a God? He is all pervasive. He exists everywhere. You cannot buy such an embodiment of love with your wealth. You cannot get Him with your power and tactics. Even with meditation, yoga and penance, you cannot find Him. He is the embodiment of love; and only with love, can you attain Him. Narada said, “He is indescribable, in the form of Love”. Narada also went on to describe the types of devotion. God exists in all materials, in all beings and their feelings.

How can you search for God? Firstly, develop love. What sort of love should it be? It should be like a magnetic compass, which always points towards the north. If your love is pure, wherever you are, in whichever country or temple, your prayers will reach God. God will always be there before you. Your eyes should be full of love. God is the form of love. Love fills the whole form of God. You are a part of God. You should develop your love and share it with others. God confers love on everyone. You should also try and share that love. Only then, you will become a part of God. Without sharing love, you only spread around hatred, enmity and jealousy.

How can you see God? Since God is in the form of love, we should also become full of love. Where there is pure love, God manifests Himself there. We have to develop such type of pure love. It is not the love for wealth or pleasure. It is useless if we develop such mean love. Whatever you think about, consider it as the form of God. You should think that man is an ordinary being, in the drama of world created by God. Every man is an actor and has a role to play. God is the only director. He will give all the instructions. Every person should act within his role and limits. He should not overact. That is why; we should know that each one of us is an actor in the drama of God. There is nothing that cannot be achieved with God's grace. There is no place without God. We fail to see Him because we do not have the eyes of love. We lack the knowledge of discrimination, knowledge of goodness and knowledge of mind. Thus, man is ignorant. He thinks in perverted ways. All men should transform themselves into embodiments of love. That love itself will become God. God is love. Love is God. Therefore, we should understand the principle of love in the correct way. Whatever may be the situation, do not speak harshly. If you speak like that, it means that there is no God in you. If you are really a part of God, His love should reflect within you. Yet, there is contradictory behaviour in you. We adore God and worship Him. We should also conduct ourselves according to God's commands.

Source: Discourse 5, My Dear Students Volume 1; Divine Discourse delivered on April 3, 2000 at Trayee Brindavan

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