Fluctuating Currency Values: Sri Sathya Sai Paradigm

Teachers should make all efforts to impart all the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to students so that students can eke out an independent living. Students can gain self-confidence only through self-dependence, which shows the path for self-satisfaction. These days the youth lack these three qualities: self-confidence, self-dependence and self-satisfaction.

There is no dearth of financial resources, but what is lacking is the seriousness or sincerity to use the limited finances for right purposes. Stiff regulatory practices exist in banks owing to improper utilisation of scarce financial resources by borrowers. People deposit their savings in foreign banks located in foreign countries. The money invested thus in foreign banks is useful neither to the individual himself nor to his own motherland. Every rupee earned should be properly and cautiously spent, and the teachers should impart the knowledge and skills of proper utilisation of funds to students.

Nations all across the world are subject to great suffering and sorrow because of the improper utilisation of valuable funds. These days the value of dollar, pound and other foreign currencies is relatively high while the exchange value of rupee is low, but the state of affairs might change any time. 

What is the reason for the low value of Indian rupee in the foreign-exchange market? It can be attributed to the weak mind of the people who lack self-determination. People become panicky during periods of political upheaval which is one of the elements of the business environment. This altered scenario affects the stock exchange, later the investments and finally the value of the rupee.

What is the direct relation between the political happenings and the value of Indian rupee! Thus, it becomes clear that the value of currency is being influenced by the wild imagination of some people on the street. The fundamental cause of crisis in financial markets all over the world can be ultimately traced to the decline of human and moral values. Currency value of any country can be protected only through preservation of human values.

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