Foreign Investment in India: Sri Sathya Sai Guidelines

People should not be under the impression that poor people are found only in India. There are rich as well as poor in all countries. Truly speaking, Indians are the richest. The one who has much desire is the poorest; the one who has much satisfaction is the richest.
How to serve the lonely and poor? One must allot six hours of one’s time for service activities. Out of one’s salary, some portion must be saved to help the poor. Special accounts can be opened in the office that could be earmarked for charity. Today, charity has lost its significance. Members of the charitable trusts use the money thus kept aside for their own pilgrimage. Public money should never be used for personal purposes. It should be used only for societal welfare.
Encouragement should be given to native businessmen and local entrepreneurs. It is through the plea of business that India became vulnerable to erstwhile British rule, which lasted for 300 years. In the name of business, they gained administrative control over the entire nation. However at this juncture, one has to acknowledge that British were good in constructing dams and bridges. One British engineer constructed a dam and assured a life of 125 years. Even today, the dam is perfectly intact. They (the English people) were few in number, but worked more. On the other hand, Indians are more in number but work less. Today, there is no unity among Indians. If people repose faith in God, all their work will be successful. Success begets success.
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (1875-1950)
First Deputy Prime Minister
of India

The Indian Government is going abroad and entreating for money. At this point, it is important to note that the late Sri Vallabhbhai Patel [Freedom Fighter and First Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of Independent India (1947-1950)] was a practical man, and was not in favour of foreign investment in India. If you intend to learn about technology that is available in other countries, make a trip, get acquainted with it, but come back and apply it here. Foreign companies should be allowed to set up businesses in the native country only after proper checks and safety measures are implemented. International businesses should not be allowed to dominate the host country. One should never deceive one’s motherland.

Source: The Socially Responsive Business, Chapter 3, Man Management: A Values-Based Management Perspective – Based on the Discourses of Sathya Sai Baba


  1. That day Swamy's words are becoming answer to chaos of today's India. As He preached in Bhgawat Gita, which are gold standard for yuga after yuga, His teachings and commands are going to be the answer for modern India

  2. swami is very much against foriegn investment beacause of the past exeperiance
    as the brtish cameto india as traderers and ruled and looted us. that is very true avoid F D I.

  3. Swami's comments are always true and invariably futuristic. At times, we don't understand their significance but in the long run they reveal their meaning. When I was very young, I heard Swami speak about the financial industry. True to His words, many years later in 2008 the industry did suffer a severe setback. Sometimes His words don't strike immediately but upon proper reflection and in the appropriate circumstances, they reveal their true meaning.

  4. wow it is a wonderful and a very useful notes really thanks. it helped me much thaaanks. Foreign company setting up



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