Who Created God?

December 6, 1991

After speaking about how Bharata transformed himself into Divinity by contemplation of the Lord, Bhagavan gave a discourse to the students on what they should do to win the Lord’s Grace.

Swami: Boys should first and foremost pay due obedience to the Divine command It is by implicit obedience to God’s command that one earns His grace. Students should avoid too much talk and must cultivate the virtue of silence. It is only in the depths of silence that the voice of God can be heard. The sages of yore preferred to live a life of solitude in the forest, shunning the din and bustle of city life. It is only in the silence of the forests that they realised the goal of their lives. Students should avoid unnecessary contact amongst themselves. They should realise the purpose for which they come here. They have all kinds of doubts as to why some boys get chances (opportunities of physical proximity to Swami). Swami alone knows the cause. He knows how they pined for the Lord in their previous lives. The magnet attracts the iron filings depending on their purity.

Teacher: Swami, how to answer the question “Who created God?” 

Lord Narasimha emerges from the pillar
to destroy Hiranyakashyap
Swami:  The evilness of the evil and the goodness of the good caused the descent of God. The wickedness of Hiranyakashyap and the intense devotion of Prahlada caused the descent of God in the form of Narasimha (man-lion incarnation of Lord Vishnu).

Teacher: Swami, How to keep up goodness in ourselves  

Swami: We must cultivate 'Abhyasa' (practice). It is by practice alone that one can achieve success. 


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