Sri Sathya Sai Visits Kerala and Tamil Nadu - December 1958

Sunday, December 14, 1958 to Wednesday, December 31, 1958

Sri Sathya Sai at the Kanyakumari Beach
At the request of Sri Burgula Ramakrishana Rao, the then Governor of Kerala, Swami toured Kerala between the 19th  and the 31st of December, 1958. Swami left Puttaparthi on the 14th. The entourage stopped over at several places enroute to Kerala namely Arakkonam, Madras, Bangalore, Mysore, Coimbatore and Aluwaye. Swami and His party reached Raj Bhavan (The Governor’s residence at Thiruvananthapuram) on the 19th evening.

The 21st being Vaikuntha Ekadashi, 10,000 devotees were blessed with Swami’s Pada Namaskar. He also personally distributed Vibhuti to each and every one of these 10,000 devotees. Swami spent the evening of the 21st at the Kovalam beach along with His devotees. Swami drew out of the sands of the beach a sandalwood image of Krishna, and a gold ring with the figurines of Radha and Krishna embossed on it. The devotees were blessed to partake of Amrit (Divine nectar) which trickled down the fingers that had brought forth many a drop of elixir on Vaikuntha Ekadashi days in the past.

Swami left for Cape Comorin on the 22nd morning. As He strolled along the sands of the seashore, it was as though Mother Earth was filled with ecstasy, for at every step, a Spatika bead formed under the Divine foot. These beads were subsequently strung into a rosary which Swami presented to Swami Sadananada, His guest. 

The ocean seemed the most eager amongst the devotees that spent precious time in the company of Swami. The waves rushed forward to bathe the tender feet, and as the waves receded, the palpable portion of the adoration remained at the Lotus Feet – an exquisitely strung string of pearls! It was indeed a sight to behold. Swami materialised the lost nose ring of the Goddess Kanyakumari in order to show His devotees the jewel. Once they saw it, He drew it back from existence.

Sri Sathya Sai taken in a procession 
on an elephant at Surandai
Swami returned to Thiruvananthapuram on 23rd and visited the homes of a few devotees. Swami left for Courtalam Falls on 24th along with His caravan. Swami visited the Surandai village on Christmas. He was taken in procession on an elephant. Swami spent the day with the Christian community at Surandai. Swami spent the 26th at Thirunelveli. He stayed at Pudur Zamindar, Sri Krishna Rao’s house, who happened to be the son-in-law of Sri Vittal Rao of Bangalore. The caravan proceeded to Periyar Dam on the 27th. Swami and party visited the Wild Life Sanctuary and the huge Hydro Electric Works on the 28th. Swami reached Madurai at 7:00 pm on the same day, and stayed on until the next morning. He proceeded to Vedasandur on the 30th and stayed in Sri Gopinath’s house. This gentleman happened to be the other son-in-law of Sri Vittal Rao. Swami cured their servant Balaji, of strangulated hernia by materialising a medicine and massaging it on the affected area. Swami reached Madurai from Vedasandur on 30th and stayed at Sri Ramaswami Chettiar’s residence before He left for Madras on the 31st and spent the New Year there. He sent His New Year blessings to all the devotees at Prashanti Nilayam.                                                              

Source: Sri Sathya Sai Digvijayam Part 1 (1926 - 1985)

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