The Descent of God is for the Ascent of Man

Jesus Christ

More than 2000 years ago, when ego and pride became human nature, ignorance reigned supreme and the demonic nature of man was at its peak, Jesus Christ descended on earth and through his message of love and compassion demonstrated the path of righteousness. Today, you must recognise the most important aspect of the life of Jesus Christ. In the very beginning of his life, Jesus declared, “I am a Messenger of God”. He proclaimed that all are embodiments of Divinity in this human form, and all are messengers of God. He said that every ounce of this human body till the last drop of blood should be dedicated to the service of mankind. “A heart filled with love and compassion is the real temple of God”, declared Jesus. 

Christmas Darshan from Prasanthi Nilayam Mandir

The alarm clock wakes us by ringing the alarm at the opportune time. The great sages of ancient times would wake man from the slumber of ignorance by warning him at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner. They would warn man to recognise the Divinity which is all pervading. One must remember these teachings and put them into practice every moment of our lives.

Celebrating the birthday of such a great and pious soul as just another ritual is not what is expected. The day you understand the teachings of Jesus, and implement them with your heart and soul, that day will really be the Birthday of Jesus Christ. The words of such great people should constantly ring in your hearts and should be the guiding light of your lives. Your real offering to God will be the dedication of your life to practicing these teachings.

The Two World Views

There are two kinds of views in this world. The first one is the spiritual point of view, and the other is the worldly point of view. You are walking on the road and on the way you see a rope lying on the road. Instinctively you think that it is a snake and get scared. Where does this fear come from? Has the rope changed into a snake or is it still a rope? The rope is still a rope, but you look at it with your material vision and mistake it to be a snake. This hallucination is a result of the worldly point of view. The spiritual point of view enables you to see the rope as a rope and as nothing else. It allows you to see the truth as the truth and therefore you don’t have any fear. This whole world is a manifestation of ‘Brahman’. Your vision which is blurred by ignorance, illusion and hallucination sees the world as material objects and not as Brahman. All that you see in the world, that you think as being real, is actually all unreal and false. 

Jesus with his disciples

When Jesus was being tortured, his followers were in great grief. He said, “Just as this body has a dress, this body is a dress to the soul and nothing else”. Jesus told his followers, “Do not harm anyone. Do not hurt anyone. Treat everyone alike.” You must always practice these teachings in your lives. Ignorance has a very powerful influence on the mind. Arjuna said to Krishna, “The mind is very powerful, but it is wavering in nature.” In reply Krishna said, “However powerful or wavering one’s mind may be, with Sadhana (spiritual practice) it can be controlled.” A bee has the strength to drill a hole in the hardest variety of wood. However, when it enters a lotus, and if the lotus closes its petals, then even with all its might, the bee cannot come out of the lotus. Similarly, the all-powerful mind becomes powerless and surrenders at the lotus feet of the Lord. If you want to control the all-powerful mind, you must use the powerful tool of Sadhana.

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