Sri Sathya Sai: The Guard and The Guru - By G.J. Subhanu

Swami is beyond time and space. He is beyond our comprehension. Indeed He is God who has come down to Earth in human form to address His devotees and take them across the ocean of Samsara. 

My family came to know about Swami through His miracles. It all started with my grandfather’s brother who started getting fits regularly. My great grandparents tried all kind of treatments but none of them worked. My great grandmother then started searching for a holy man who could cure people miraculously. She then heard about Swami.

She describes in her book 'Easwaramma', how hard it was in those days to reach Puttaparthi. She came to Puttaparthi by car till where the road was good enough, after which she had to hire a bullock cart to cross the Chithravati river. Even though the journey was very tiresome.However, when they saw Swami waiting for their arrival eagerly, all their fatigue vanished.
Sri Sathya Sai with Smt. Susheelamma, Subhanu's grandmother 
During that particular visit, Swami did not cure my grandfather's brother but He instilled strong faith in my great grandmother that He is the avatar of the 'Kali' age. And this is how our family came to know of Swami.

Here is one of my personal experiences which depicts how Swami listens to even the smallest of our prayers. During December 1997, I was sitting beside my mother waiting for Swami’s arrival. She was telling me how simple faith succeeds in winning Swami’s Heart. I had a burning desire in my heart to eat Vibhuti created by Swami. When Swami arrived, I looked at Him and said, “Swami Vibhuti,” to which He gave me the most radiant smile, created the Vibhuti and gave it to me. I ate the Vibhuti. I can neither forget His smile nor the heavenly taste of the Vibhuti. 

I was to stay in Puttaparthi for 10 more days and so I wanted Vibhuti created by Him for all the 20 Darshans. I knew Swami had a soft corner for me in His heart as I had pleased Him with my faith. To my utter astonishment, He created Vibhuti for me thirty five times as I used to ask for it whenever I used to see him even outside the Mandir.

One morning when my great grandmother was performing 'Pooja', the lamp fell on her sari and one of its ends started burning. There was no one in the house to extinguish the fire on her saree. She prayed to Swami sincerely. Meanwhile my grandfather was sitting by Swami’s side in Puttaparthi. Swami suddenly turned towards him and asked him to touch His hand. My grandfather was astonished to find that Swami’s hand was very hot. Swami smiled looking at my grandfather’s face and told him “Your mother’s sari was on fire, I extinguished it and she is all right now.”

This is one more miracle that took place in my family which only the most fortunate one can experience.

Swami along with my great grandparents and some devotees were returning from Kodaikanal to a devotee’s house for the night’s stay. Swami suddenly asked my great grandmother, “Will you let your husband go with you or remain with me?” she replied, “We will abide by your decision Swami.”

After dinner my great grandparents, Swami and the accompanying devotees went to the terrace for rest. Suddenly my great grandfather said, “Swami I feel dizzy.” Swami said, “Come here!” Swami asked him to close his eyes and lay his head on His lap. And then my great grandfather breathed his last.

Swami turned to my great grandmother and said, “If you want I can bring him back to life but one thing, the fortune of dying on the lap of God, is given to one person in a whole Yuga. Even Dasharatha, being the father of an Avatar, could not be blessed thus. It is up to you to decide.” She said, “Swami, let him remain with you. I don’t want him to miss such a great fortune.” Swami gave her a smile of reassurance. My great grandfather thus attained 'Moksha'.

Devotion and faith can work wonders in times of trouble. We are sure to be rewarded by God if we have unshakable faith and devotion in Him. The devotion of my great grandfather could bring him the good fortune of dying on Swami’s lap which no one can ever dream of, in the whole of this 'Kali' age. And this is due to the power of faith and devotion.

- G. J. Subhanu
Student (2014-16), Department of Physics
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam Campus



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