How Sri Sathya Sai transformed my family… - By M. Sai Parikshit

"Ananyaschintha Yanthomam
Te Janah Parayupasathe
Tesham Nityabhi Yukthanam
Yogakshemam Vahamyaham." 

Declared Sri Krishna in Gita, which means, "If you think of Me all the time I will take care of your well-being." As the Yuga changed from Dwapara to Kali, our most compassionate Lord said, “Even if you think of Me once, I will look after you forever." Such is the compassion of our Mother Sai. He is our mother, father, brother and our closest friend. He is our guardian and He is everything to us. Swami accompanies us from our birth to death in our life. But, I am privileged as our most beloved Swami had been there to protect me even before my very birth. 

It was the time when I was in the womb of my mother. It was the 6th month of her pregnancy. She was cleaning the bathroom with bleaching powder, which affected her, and she fell down unconscious. She was admitted to the hospital and very strong antibiotics were given to save her. Antibiotics should not at all be given to pregnant women as it may have a very bad effect on the yet-to-be-born child. The doctors told my father that the child might have some physical or mental disabilities or even chances of death at the time of delivery. My father was consoled by the fact that at least my mother would be saved. He left it all to Swami. Swami is always there to protect His devotees. The time came when they scanned my mother’s womb to see the condition of the child (me). At that time, my brother was five years old. He was playing with the scan report. Suddenly he shouted “Appa Swami Teriyararu." (Father I can see Swami!). My father took the scan and was amazed to see Swami’s figure in the scan. My parents had tears in their eyes when they saw Swami’s figure in the scan. Then they were confident that the child to be born would be safe. Needless to say, I was born with no deformities. 

The first devotee of Swami in my family was my grandfather. In the beginning, even he did not believe in Swami. Once, Swami had come to Chennai. My grandfather lived in Chennai during those days. He heard a few people conversing about Swami’s trip to Chennai. So out of curiosity he thought that he could also go and see who this Sai Baba is. Eventually he went and sat among the crowd and waited for Swami to come. Swami came for Darshan and Bhajans started. All of a sudden, Swami appeared to my grandfather as Lord Karthikeya who was my grandfather’s chosen deity. He told my grandfather, “You fool, do you think I am some stranger? I am not. I am none other than Karthikeya." My grandfather felt quite embarrassed, as Swami had told this in front of all the devotees. My grandfather looked towards others to see their reaction. He was surprised to notice that none of the devotees had paid any attention to him. He also realized that the conversation that took place was ‘heart to heart’ as even Swami was sitting quite away from him. From that day to the day of his death, he never again doubted Swami. 
Swami after transforming my grandfather granted him a few interviews. My grandfather was a chain smoker. No one in the family could stop him. So, my father wrote a letter to Swami to do something about this. That evening Swami told my father to bring my grandfather to Parthi. The next day Swami called my grandfather for an interview and told him to stop smoking. Swami told him that if he does not stop, then Swami would not talk to him. My grandfather did not know what to do, as it was very difficult to stop forever. However, at the same time, he had to keep up Swami’s word. Hence, until his death my grandfather never touched a single cigarette. 

My family settled in Puttaparthi when I was in my seventh class. I used to sit in the devotees’ line before joining Swami’s school. Whenever I used to come for Darshan, by Swami’s grace I used to get first line and I used to give letters to Swami. Once I told my father that I was getting first line almost every day during the Darshan and I was giving letters to Swami. From that day for four consecutive days, I got fourth line and Swami did not take my letters. I became sad and prayed to Swami to take my letters. On the fifth day, once again I got fourth line. That day Swami went out in His car. Whenever Swami went out, I, along with a few friends, used to run behind Swami’s car. Swami would look at us and smile lovingly. That day I ran along with Swami’s car but Swami did not see me. I went with a person on his bike, as Swami’s car was moving quite fast. Suddenly Swami’s car took a ‘U’ turn and as we were behind Swami till that second, we kept the vehicle aside and stood on the roadside. I maintained a good distance of about 30 steps from others, as I would be the only person there when Swami’s car passed by. I prayed to Swami to look at me and take my letter. Swami’s car was coming towards me and Swami looked at me. I was very happy. Swami told the driver to stop the car. As I was the only person to stand there, I went to Swami’s car. Swami opened the window, I gave my letter to Swami and told Him, “Swami I should always be with You," for which Swami nodded, and the car moved. Swami listens to all our prayers but answers them only when the time comes. So let us all pray to Swami to give us strength so that in every action of ours we please Him and let that be our mission. When we please Him, we please the whole universe and that is real “Samasta Loka Sukhino Bhavantu." 

- M. Sai Parikshit
Alumnus, Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School
Prasanthi Nilayam



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