Transformation of the Heart – By Sai Charan

Sai Charan received Gold Medal from Sri Sathya Sai - November 22, 2006
Science is nothing but a study of Nature, which is but one facet of God’s creation. I believe that God’s creation is inherently very simple. The science of mathematics is replete with many ‘Transforms’ techniques which help to reduce and thus manage the complexity of the models that we create in our understanding of nature. So, God has given man the concept of transforms to reduce the complexity that we introduce into our models of Mother Nature.
All of us are born very simple in mind. Our education leads to our unnatural thinking patterns, which make us perceive the world to be very complex. We are born good. Our education often ends to make us forget this inherent goodness and we go astray. But, God has His own Transform technique. 

He uses the H - Transform.
The only difference in this transform technique is that there is no algorithm as in the conventional cases, although the spirit behind each method is the same. Each one of us is to be H-transformed has to be handled uniquely, as we shall see in the following paragraphs. I shall endeavour to explain to you, Swami’s infallible Sutra for H-Transformation, a technique that we too can emulate.

To begin with, I shall narrate some incidents.

There was a man who had wronged many in his life, and also indulged in many heartless, inhuman acts. He happened to hear about Swami, and decided to come and see for himself. Having heard Swami’s philosophy, he was moved. He decided change his life. So far, the H-Transformation seemed uneventful. But, Swami has his own way of ensuring that the H- Transformation is irreversible. He made and indelible impact on the life of this man in the following way:

The man decided to write a letter of confession to Bhagavan in a symbolic act of surrendering his past to Swami and starting his life afresh. In the Mandir, he sat with his letter. Swami in His inimitable expression of love and grace came casually took the letter, and moved ahead. But, after going a little forward, He dropped the letter into the lap of a Sadhu; Swami did all this ensuring that the ‘ruffian’ saw every single movement.

Immediately after Darshan, the ‘ruffian’ walked up to the Sadhu and at the envelope be returned to him. Sure enough the sadhu refused, being that Swami had given him the letter. Immediately, an argument broke out between the two. A Seva Dal intervened in order to put a stop to this argument. When the Seva Dal heard the reason for their argument, he was perplexed, for at the heart of the problem was our Swami Himself! He came up with a simple formula out of this dilemma, He suggested that the Sadhu keep the envelope and return the letter the man held so precious. This seemed okay for both the parties.

 When the man opened the letter, he found a white, unused sheet of paper. Then it dawned on him that it was Swami’s way of telling him that his past has been wiped clean. He was overwhelmed. The incident has more to it. The Seva Dal found that the envelope was not empty. There were currency notes in the envelope, the exact amount that the sadhu needed to return home. He was out of money and had been praying to Swami to help him. Swami had symbolically H-Transformed a sinner into a saint!

Another story is that of an American, who did not believe in Swami’s Divinity. His wife though, was an ardent devotee of Swami. Once, when she was coming to India to have Darshan, she insisted that her husband join her on her pilgrimage to see the ‘character’ - a name the husband used to refer to Swami. So, he had to agree. When his friends came to know of his decision to go and see the character they asked him what he would ask the ‘character’ for. He said very intelligently that he would ask for something immaterial - he would ask for a rainbow.

Well, they came to India and reached Puttaparthi. This man was a smoker and went to the hills surrounding Puttaparthi for a routine puff. There, on bright, sunny, cloudless day, he saw a rainbow - a beautiful majestic rainbow! It was then that he remembered that he wished to ask for a rainbow. And, he has got it even without asking! Swami had H-Transformed a Man into a Human - one of character!

The final story that I will narrate is a classic, often narrated episode – that of Mr. Karanjia of the ‘Blitz’ fame. Mr. Karanjia had founded a newspaper called ‘Blitz’, those days, there used to be a regular column dedicated to criticism of Swami. Once, Mr. Karanjia decided to come to Swami hoping that he would expose Swami and reveal to the world that He was a ‘fraud’. Swami called him for an interview, where he asked Swami many questions. Shortly, the headlines of Blitz read: “God is an Indian.” Swami had H-Transformed a critic into a devotee!

In the first case, it was a letter. In the second, a rainbow and in the third, an interview. These were just agents of the H-Transformation. What transformation? What exactly happened to these people? What exactly did occur, that life was greener to them all so suddenly?

As I understand it, the H-Transform is change in the attitude towards life. Ask anybody who was H-Transformed and the first thing they will probably tell His Love that transforms - it opens up the Heart which has been closed by six vices: anger, greed, desire, infatuation, pride and envy. The H-Transform is the Heart-Transform!

The opening of the bud, the Hrudaya Pushpam, is the H-Transformation. The post transformation period is not at all difficult. It has a strange familiarity, a deja-vu. It is only Love that can melt hearts and open them up so that they can be, pure and fragrant. Let us all aspire for such a life, for our own sake. Prayer be as follows: 

“Oh Lord, take my love and let it flow in fullness of devotion to thee.
Oh Lord, take my hands and let them work incessantly for Thee.
Oh Lord, take my mind and thoughts and let them be in tune with Thee.
Oh Lord, take my soul and let it merge in one with Thee.
Oh Lord, take my everything and let me be an instrument of Thee.”

-          Sai Charan
Student (2001-2008), Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam Campus
Currently, Engineer at Microsoft, USA

Source: Sai Nandana 2005 (80th Birthday Offering)

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