“Be Clean and The Rest Will Follow”

When you walk in your house, you see that it is clean everywhere. Likewise, your hostel rooms should also be perfectly clean. You should not think, “There are twelve boys in my room, how can I maintain cleanliness?” It is you, who makes it dirty. So, it is your duty, to clean the room. So, everyone should be clear in thought. When you are not clear, no perfection comes to you. If you are clear, the rest will follow. If you are not clear in your thoughts, nobody will follow you. So first, be clear. 

First of all, your room, table, chair, books, pens and dresses; all instruments, should be clean. Secondly, man himself should be clean. You should be clean in each and every aspect. Nails should be dirt free. There is electric current in your nails and the hair. Hair also should be clean. Through the nails and hairs, lot of current is wasted from your body. Many people think that it is fashion, to have long nails. If you have a long nail, all dirt will accumulate under it. Not only that, teeth also should be kept clean. It is very important that you brush your teeth daily. For having good health, clean mouth is most important. It is the main entrance, to your body, if you do not have a clean mouth, you will get all types of diseases. 

Why are the brush and the toothpaste provided? You brush your teeth with the brush, keeping the paste on it. If you do not use toothpaste, saying why I should waste it, you are the loser. Because nobody has given proper guidance, you become polluted. I am cautioning you to be careful. Brush your teeth properly. Napoleon’s soldiers were very eager to hear him closely. He asked them, “Why do you come so close?” They said, “When you come near, us we feel so happy. Your vibrations enter us. The fragrance of your words can transform us.” When there is good smell, there are good vibrations. Knowing this he tried to become more and more clean. At last, he said, “Since I kept my senses, mind, and all instruments clean, I could conquer many kingdoms. Without that, I could not have conquered anything.” You have to keep your senses under control. 
Napolean Bonaparte (1761-1821), Emperor of the French; King of Italy
If Napoleon decided that he should get up after ten minutes, he would get up exactly after ten minutes. Once he was riding a horse. He said, “O sleep! If you come near me, I will kill you. I am going on the horse. Don’t come near me.” Sleep would never dare to touch him. At some later time he would think, “Why should I trouble the sleep?” So he used to sit under a tree and call the sleep. He would sleep for ten minutes and, immediately after that, he would get up. He had such great control over his senses. Napoleon was not a mere person who had conquered many countries. He maintained every tiny thing as clean as possible. He had very strong faith in God, even though he didn’t express it. ‘God is present, and He is clear. So, I should also be clear and follow God’. Once you are clear, then, the rest will follow. He was clear, and people followed him. Thus, the people who followed God were clear in their purpose, and would not get defeated anywhere. He was victorious wherever he ventured. 

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness 

The reason for the success of Napoleon is his cleanliness. Today, if you look at the rooms of the students, you cannot step inside. They throw books here and there; look at the beds; they are in a very bad condition. The pillow covers would not have been given to the dhobi (washerman), even for a month. The whole place would be dirty. Dirty people get only dirty thoughts. All these habits are responsible for bad thoughts. Because of dirt, you will get only dirty thoughts. If you are clean, you will not get bad thoughts. You should be clean. The way you walk, should be clear. You should walk slowly. When you are stepping, be careful. There are many materials kept in the room, like a market. Why is the study table provided? It is for studying. Keep only books on the study table and not all other things. Therefore, everything should be kept clean. If somebody makes the place dirty, it is your job to make it clean. Tilak was a teacher in school. Before that, he was a student of Mathematics. When he was a student, other boys used to get groundnuts, eat them and throw the husk on the floor. The teacher could not see them because there were books on his desk. Once Tilak entered the room and found it very dirty. He asked, “Who threw this dust around like this?” Everyone said they did not know. Tilak caught hold of the boy who was sitting near the dirt. The boy said that he was not responsible for the dust. Watching this, and knowing the good behaviour of the boy, a boy got up from another corner and confessed that he had done it the previous day. He asked for punishment. He stretched his palm. Tilak caressed his head and said, “You are a good boy. Don’t do such things again.” He spoke the truth. “Truth is clear. It is not unclean. You have spoken the truth. But, this doubt should not be there. Be careful.” 
Sri Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak (1856-1920)
The boys gave a promise, and nobody made the classroom dirty after that. During that time, five marks were added for cleanliness. Those days, pass mark was thirty per cent, second class was forty per cent, and first division was fifty per cent. Tilak asked the question, “When you are asked to do hundred things, if you do only fifty per cent correctly and other fifty per cent wrongly or leave them, how can it be considered as first class? Then what about the other fifty per cent?” He told the boys, “Which is correct, getting hundred per cent or fifty per cent? Even if you get ninety per cent, it means you have done ten per cent wrong.” He made the boys say that they should get cent per cent, in order to be considered first grade. He transformed the boys, by getting the answers from themselves. During those days, boys also were like that. These days students promise, but the next moment they forget the promise. Tilak led the students, in the right direction. 

Once, two of his friends came to Tilak and told, “You are doing very good work. If we get independence, would you like to become the Prime Minister?” Tilak said, “I don’t want to become a minister. I want to remain a teacher. Through true teaching, you can transform many boys and girls. If I become a minister, I cannot transform anyone, and may even develop ego, which leads to one’s ruin.” His actions followed his words. All such leaders followed the example of Napoleon. ‘Be clear, the rest will follow’. You can do anything, if you are clear in your mind. All other things will become clear. That is why, it is said, ‘One who knows God, will become God’. If you are clear, your acts will be clear. When you do not have clarity, even Brahma becomes a Bhrama (illusion). So, first we have to develop clarity in our thoughts, work, talk and actions. Everything should be clear. The first and foremost principle is, seeing good. 

See no evil, see what is good. Hear no evil, hear what is good.
Talk no evil, talk what is good. Do no evil, do what is good.
Think no evil, think what is good. 

These, are the true functions of the senses. If you follow these and transform yourselves, you are one with Brahma. One, who knows Brahma, will become Brahma himself. You are Brahma

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