Sri Sathya Sai Message for New Students

Sri Sathya Sai Speaks in Trayee Brindavan

You are indeed very fortunate to join this Institute. Here, you have very nice teachers who were also students in this College earlier. From the inception of this Institute, Swami has tested the caretakers of the Institute so much. The Institute must come up well. Swami has tested them so much for the development of this Institute. We need competent people for the Institute to grow well. You will not prosper if you have either a wavering mind or unsteady feelings. Therefore you require both unwavering mind and steady feelings for prospering in your life.

Swami doesn’t need anything. Swami only needs devotion from His devotees. It is just for satisfying the devotees’ wish that Swami takes these gifts. You can’t come closer to Swami by offering him expensive gifts. Swami loves His devotees only when they truly love Swami. Swami likes Ragi Pongal and groundnut chutney. Swami has told this many times to students. Swami doesn’t take rice, but sometimes by students wish Swami takes it as boys offer Swami with love. Therefore, from past 62 years, Swami’s weight is 108 pounds. There is permanent balance in Swami’s weight. Thus, because of this Swami keeps both his mind and body in balance. That is why you should follow whatever Swami does. Swami has told so many times that ‘My Life is My Message’. That is why you must try to follow Swami. If you follow Swami you will become God. You are what you think you are. Valmiki went on repeating Rama’s name. Hence he started feeling the presence of Rama in himself. The same thing was with Prahalad. Teachers taught him something different and he learnt something else. He thought of God all the time. One day, when he came back, his father asked him what he had studied.  Prahalad replied, “The teachers taught me everything. I have learnt Dharma Artha, Kama and Moksha. And I understood the secret of all education and that is ‘Om Namo Narayana’.” 

Reduce Your Talk and Desires

Students! Try to become like Valmiki or Prahalad. Think of God always and run away from bad company. Get away from bad company as soon as you can. Do good and be in good company. You should do four things to prosper in your life. First, run away from bad company and attain good company. You can attain this only by performing good deeds. That is why Swami always tells, “Tell me your company and I shall tell what you are”. You will attain Divinity when you perform good deed. Good words will give us good friends and relatives. By talk alone we will make bondage. Talk can become a cause for death itself. Our words can cause our own death. Talk can lower our prestige in the society. Hence try to get good friends by talking in a nice way. Secondly, you should reduce your desires. Lesser the luggage more is the comfort, making the journey more interesting. When you throw a cloth up in the air it comes back. Do you know the reason? It’s because there are many threads attached in it. If you reduce the weight the material goes further up. We are falling down because of the weight of desires. Reduce the desires and you can go much higher. As you reduce your desires, you will attain bliss. More are the desires, the more you will be in grief. Desire is the main cause of sorrow and a desireless state is the cause of bliss. Hence reduce the desires.

You all have come here for studies. Study well. Get good name and fame. Get good marks and become ideal citizens of the country. Bangalore boys are very lucky because all the teachers are from this College and Hostel, and Swami’s Mandir is attached to the Hostel. But students from Puttaparthi have to travel a distance, from the Hostel to the Mandir, and that too only in the evenings. The Hostel at Bangalore (in the Mandir premises) is made on students’ demands. If students do not prosper, then how will the country prosper? Country will prosper only if students prosper. Today’s students have become to true Vinayakas. Become good citizens and ideal citizens of this country. Study well and get good marks. Get good name, fame and make your parents very happy. Make this nation very proud.  

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