How do we overcome Dissatisfaction?

Sri Sathya Sai Speaks to Students at the Hostel
Spiritual wealth is the real wealth. This wealth does not surrender to anyone. It can’t be burnt by fire; it can’t be stolen by anyone; it does not soak in water and it need not be shared among brothers. This does not figure out in property sharing agreements among brothers. To whom does it belong? It belongs to the one who looks at it as his life force. This is one that does not leave you, which does not move away from you and that which by all means ensures that you are on the right path. Try to acquire such wealth. It is only then that our country will be in a position to lead all other nations. Many people who were far more educated than you have left this world. Many rich and wealthy people, many people who adorned the path of truth and righteousness have passed away. What are you in comparison to them? You should leave a name and dignity that you have acquired in this short-lived life behind you while leaving this materialistic world.   
King Harishchandra who strictly followed the path of truth had to leave this world ultimately leaving behind his vast kingdom and riches.
Emperor Nala who reigned over a great empire could not take with him anything when he passed away.
Did the King Mandhata, who adorned the Krita Yuga carry any wealth with him when he left the Earth?
Even Lord Rama who built a bridge across the ocean is not to be seen on the Earth today.
Many kings have ruled over the Earth, but none of them could carry even a handful of dust with them.
Oh Noble one! Do you think you can carry the kingdom and its riches on your head when you leave the world?

You have to amass good name in this short lived life. You should earn peace. You should study for the sake of peace. That peace will come to only through prayer. Tyagaraja said, “If there is no peace, there is no happiness”. You should not get dejected at any point of time. “Asantushto Dvijo Nashtaha”, there are two losses for the one who is dissatisfied. The losses are that he will not have peace and he will not have happiness. When do students get dissatisfied? They feel dejected when they see someone who gets more marks than them. They become restless. If they see someone who is in a higher position than them, they feel disheartened. If they see someone who is wearing better clothes than them or someone who is more handsome than them, they feel dejected. Hence don’t look at someone who is better than you. Compare yourself with someone who is in a lower position than you. Then you will feel contented. You have to understand this clearly. Suppose you got 60 marks. See someone who got 40 marks and tell yourself that you are better than him. Then you feel contented. To develop contentment you have to look at someone who is behind you. To develop evil qualities you have to look at someone who is in a better position than you. Then ego enters you. See the under privileged, the distressed, have compassion for them and feel satisfied. You have to strengthen the feeling of empathy. Thus you have to develop the qualities necessary in the daily life in this way. 

You will not understand anything if I start teaching philosophy. That 11 year old boy of sixth class spoke on Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Raja Yoga. (A student who spoke before the Divine Discourse) His heart is that pure. Even though he did not experience any of them, he enjoys speaking about them. He is contented. For this talk he might have studied a lot of books. Putting into practice such simple things, you have to try being satisfied in life. There is dissatisfaction all the time. Whatever one possesses in life one is not contented. There is a saying in Telugu, “Neeru Gatuku Kukka Erenta Paarina Preeti Kalugabodu Pisiri Gottu” (A dog can’t drink water properly. Even if there is surplus water or no water, it always gulps it with its tongue.) If we care for petty issues in our life we will never feel satisfied. You should always feel that whatever you have is not yours, it has come as God’s gift – Prasadam. The pain is also God’s gift and you should be contented with that. If you compare yourself with a wealthy person who is having four meals a day whereas you are having only twice a day, you feel discontented. You should be happy that God has given you enough to have two meals a day where as that poor man is not able to manage for even a single square meal a day. Thus you should develop contentment. You should be satisfied in simple things also. It is only then that Divinity arises from humanness. Being contented is one of the most important among human qualities. This can be gained only through devotion. Hence try to gain the Love of God by incessant chanting of God’s name, developing love for God and try to dedicate even your life for the sake of God. 

Source: Roadmap for a Righteous Life, Discourse 5, My Dear Students Volume 3; Divine Discourse on June 26, 1989 at Sri Sathya Sai Hostel, Prasanthi Nilayam


  1. It is one of the common disease present almost in everyone present day time...Lord Krishna has also told in Srimad Bhagvad Geetha that "Raga~Dwesha(Attachment~Envious)" feeling compulsorily present in each being unconsciously in different proportions..Swami narrated it with exact clauses...Thank You SSwS Team...Jai Sairam

  2. That's exactly what I was looking for.sairam thanks



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