“Ego is the main cause for all disunity and disharmony…”

July 6, 1992 

In the evening, it started raining and therefore boys went to occupy the front portion of the portico. Bhagavan came out around 5:05 p.m. He blessed everyone and spent some time outside. Swami introduced some students to the elderly persons in the portico. Swami was, in particular, stressing on the young age at which boys seem to finish their studies. Swami then said, “In our hostel, all young teachers and students stay together under the same roof. This is unity. Because of this unity, they have purity. That is why Divinity is there. Unity, Purity and Divinity are always together.”

Swami then turned to a devotee and said…
Swami : There is no unity among you all. You must know that this lack of unity among you all makes many people suffer. Why do you not have any unity?

Devotee : Swami, because there is a lot of ego. 

Swami : Very good answer, very correctly said. Ego is the main cause for all disunity and disharmony. When everything is Swami’s, where is the question of ego? That is foolish.

Swami then turned to yet another elder and asked him about his programme…

Devotee : Swami, by Your Divine blessings, I could speak at a gathering in Shivam (Hyderabad), yesterday. 

Swami : Yes, yes I heard it.

Devotee : Swami, did you like it? 

Swami : Your conscience itself will give you the answer. If your conscience is happy, then Swami is happy; if it feels guilty then Swami is not happy. What does your conscience say?

Devotee : Bhagavan, by Your Grace my conscience feels very light and happy.

Swami : Then Swami is also happy. But you got little nervous at the end. Did you run out of matter?

Devotee : No, Swami. The time to catch my transport to Puttaparthi was approaching. That is why I had to hurry up.
Sri Sathya Sai Nigamagamam Auditorium, Hyderabad
Swami : Since you were at Hyderabad, did you see the new Kalyana Mandapam being built there? It is the best in the city.
The gentleman had admitted that he had not seen it yet. He then asked Swami…

Devotee : Swami, if You do not mind, can I ask You what role does this Kalyana Mandapam have in your Avataric Mission?

Swami : It is nothing but to make people happy by giving them the facility. It is the best one there and people will be happy to celebrate their functions at such a good place. Swami wants to give them that joy. I am going there this August to inaugurate it.

Devotee : Swami, I heard devotees are praying to You to come to Visakhapatnam, Rajahmundry and all these places, nearby. Are you going there?

Swami : I will go for the inauguration of the Kalyana Mandapam and tour all the places.

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