"How to sublimate our bad feelings?"

July 15, 1995

After Darshan, Swami sent word for Mr.Rao (a very old devotee of Swami). Before interview, Swami had told a student that everything was fine with his brother.  The student’s brother was ill for the past 3-4 days.  Swami said, “Do not ring up your parents, it will create only tension”. Swami took a few people for interview. After the interview, Swami came to the birthday boys. A Primary School student got up.
Student : Swami, my grandparents are not well.

Swami : Where are they?

Student : Swami, in Hyderabad.

Swami : I know grandfather has stomach pain and grandmother has heart disease. Don’t worry, I will give Prasadam. Send it through post. Are you a Marwadi? 

Student : Yes.

Swami : Your brother is also a Pakoda like you!! 
(Swami would often call fat people as ‘Pakoda’ referring to an Indian delicacy which is round in shape)

The student who was in tears, laughed and said, “Yes Swami.”  Swami signed the photos of the Primary School students. After few minutes, He went inside, got few Vibhuti packets, and gave them to the student. The student had no words to say. Swami called a doctor and materialised Vibhuti telling him, “Not for you.  Give it to the boy.”

July 16, 1995

After the interviews in the morning, Bhagavan came into the Bhajan hall, and seeing some students talking, He expressed His displeasure. Later looking at the Greek devotees who had come to sing Bhajans, Swami mentioned that they had great devotion and had come walking all the way from Bangalore.

Student : How to sublimate our bad feelings?

Swami : Sit in one corner for five minutes and chant, “I am not an animal”. Question yourself, “Why should I live like an animal when I am a man?” When you keep contemplating in this way, all the animal feelings will go away from you. If you see a snake, you’ll not go near it. You know that poison is there in the snake. Even if someone pushes you from the back, you will not go. (Swami emphasized the point that one should always keep away from the bad.) Follow My Teachings. That’s enough. Believe in Me. I’ll take care of everything. When you get a doubt, follow your conscience. Don’t follow somebody else. God is not somewhere outside. God is here. (Swami made this statement by pointing to His heart.) 

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