Conversations with Sri Sathya Sai on Upanishads

November 9, 1998

A devotee showed the draft copy of a book…

Swami: What have you written? 

Devotee: Swami, by Your Grace I wrote commentary on Ishavasya Upanishad.
Swami: All the current versions of Upanishads are corrupted. The original text is not found anywhere. Ishavasya Upanishad - its whole essence is in the first verse 'Poornam Adam, Poornam Idam'. Today no one has true knowledge. Knowledge alone is not sufficient, skill is also required. Students are removing the ‘S’ and killing the knowledge.

Warden: Swami, skill means practical knowledge.

Swami: But practical knowledge does not mean worldly knowledge. (To the devotee) Can I have this and get it printed?

Devotee: Swami, Your Grace, Your Wish.

Swami: (Pointing at another devotee and talking to Brindavan students) He is your lecturer’s father. He faced death 28 times. He got 28 lives. Swami saved him. He was even covered with blanket. I told his son to remove it. They thought that he was dead. (Pointing at the lecturer, Swami asked a student) Who is he?

Student: Swami, brother.

Swami: He is lecturer. (To the lecturer) How many years have you been a lecturer?

Teacher: Nine years, Swami.

Swami: Which subject?

Teacher: Swami, Chemistry.

Swami: (Pointing to a Telugu lecturer) He is Santisri. Karunasri (a famous Telugu poet) is his uncle. (To the Telugu lecturer) How many books did you write?

Teacher: Swami, 10-12.

Swami: 10+12, 22! How many books did you write?

Teacher: Swami, 6.

Swami: What is Upanishad? One which takes us near to God. (Swami took the Ishavasya Upanishad  book from the old devotee and gave it to Warden to put it  inside a cover without tearing it. Warden was unable to put it in) See, if both of them are in same level, then it is easy to put. At same level, they are balanced. Even life should be balanced. 
(Pointing to a teacher) His parents came. I told them to get him married. His father is for it. But he and his mother were against it. Two votes against one. Majority two! 
(To another teacher) Marriage is a mirage. It looks as if there is water but there is no water. 
(To the old devotee) Panchami is a good day; they can start printing it (the book). 

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