“Why are your eyes red?”

Sunday, June 25, 2000 

Today around 100 alumni of the Institute assembled for the village service camp. Evening Darshans began at 3.10 pm. By the time Swami came near to the students, both His hands were full of letters.

Swami : (To a student) Where is your brother? (The student pointed out to his brother.) No, all are brothers. 
(After completing the interviews Swami came out to the portico and asked a student) Why are your eyes red?
Student : Swami, allergy.

Swami : Is it always like this? 

Student : Swami, only when I am exposed to the sun.

Swami : Due to the sun, the blood circulation increases and retina will get damaged. When you go out in sun, wear cooling glasses. Wear blue glasses. 
(Immediately, Swami sent a person to Poornachandra to get a cooling glass. But he came back without finding it. The next day, Swami Himself gave the student a blue colour cooling glass.

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