Marriage or Mirage!

Monday, June 12, 2000

In the evening, at 3.15 pm, Swami came inside the Bhajan Hall. Only a few Bhajan boys had come. He enquired why they had come before regular lines. He said jokingly that He would inform the Warden! He blessed the PhD thesis of two Research Scholars and signed their synopsis. He gave them Padanamaskar and materialised Vibhuti for them. At 4.50 pm, Swami once again came inside the Bhajan Hall and instructed a teacher to have Bhajans at 5.00 pm for today and at 5.30 pm from tomorrow onwards.

Student : Swami, I have passed in my exams. The results have come after re-evaluation.

Swami : Oh! Passed. Manchidi, Manchidi, Padanamaskaram Teesko (Good, good, take Padanamaskar). 
(Looking at the next student) What about you?

Student : Swami, I too passed.

Swami : (To another student) What about you?

Student : Swami, ‘O’ grade.

Swami : Why are you here? Go home and do job.

Student : Swami, I am still studying in the Institute.

Swami : Which class?

Student : First year M.F.M. (Master of  Financial Management) over.

Swami : But I see you when I come for morning Darshans.

Student : No, Swami. I go to the Institute everyday.
Swami : Dunnapotha, Kurcho (he-buffalo, sit down). 
(Swami would lovingly address students with this appellation. After sometime, Swami came outside and asked Prof. Anil Kumar) Anil Kumar, did you come now? Did you get wet? 

Prof. A. K. : Yes, Swami, little drizzling was there.

Swami : Did you not get wet at all? Two boys went. One was from your Bioscience and the other was from M.B.A. (Swami had sent these two students to U.S.A. for getting trained for working in the new Super Specialty Bangalore Hospital.)

Prof. A. K. : Yes, Swami. (Swami mentioned their names and took a letter from a student.)

Student : Swami, my mother is not well.

Swami : Oh! You love your mother so much!

Student : Yes, Swami, Vibhuti Swami. (Swami materialised Vibhuti for him.) 

Student : Brother met with an accident. Swami, he fell down from the scooter. (Swami materialised Vibhuti for him. Swami observed a Seva Dal stopping a devotee from approaching Him and called the Seva Dal.)

Swami : Aye, boy, come here. (Seva Dal comes running.) Are you from Ahmedabad?

Seva Dal : No, Swami, Andhra Pradesh.

Swami : Why did you drive away the person who was coming to take Padanamaskar. You should not stop. Don’t do it next time.

Seva Dal : Yes, Swami. (Swami materialises Vibhuti for him.)

Swami : (Calls a student by name and the student comes running) I didn’t ask you to come but just called your name. Why did you come? (The student kept quiet and was smiling.) How is your mother? I know she has not recovered fully. (The student told about his mother.) Where is that boy who jumped with a motorcycle? (The student had performed a motorcycle stunt during the Sports Meet. He came running.) Anil Kumar, do you know this boy?

Prof. A. K. : Yes, Swami. He finished his M.B.A. from our Institute.

Swami : (To the student) When are you going home? (The student kept quiet.) When is your mother coming?

Student : Tomorrow Swami.

Swami : And now he is fully ready. (Jokingly to the student) For what? Tomorrow his mother is coming and is bringing a bride for him. 
(Asking the student) Do you want marriage? Marriage or mirage?

Student : Mirage, Swami.

Swami : Yes, you keep chasing it and it keeps moving farther and farther.
(To another student) Yes or No?

Student : Yes, Swami.

Swami : (It was raining and Swami looked towards the roof.) How will you go back to Hostel?

Student : We will remain here Swami.
Swami : (Jovially) Why not? I will give you food also. 
(Swami went to the portico and asked a Research Scholar (R. S.)) Did you have classes today?

R. S. : Vice-Chancellor took a class. 

Swami : On which topic?

R. S. : Swami, Higher Education.

Swami : What is Higher Education? 
(Swami asked the same question to three more Research Scholars and was not happy with their answers. Then Swami asked the Vice-Chancellor.) What did you teach today? (Vice-Chancellor (V. C.) gave the details.) What is Higher Education?

V. C. : Swami, Enlightenment.

Swami : What is that? End of light! You must tell the meaning first, and then you have to teach about it. Whom all did you teach?

V. C. : (He spoke in Telugu) To all the seven Research Scholars, Swami.

Swami : ‘Yedu’ (seven) or cry! (‘Yedu’ also means cry in Telugu.) In Telugu they don’t say ‘Yedu’, they say ‘Aaru Vunna Okkati’ (six plus one).

Swami smiled and goes away. Bhajans were from 5.30 pm to 6.00 pm and after that Swami retired to His Poornachandra residence for the day.

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