Sri Sathya Sai Narrates a Story on Chanakya

October 18, 1998 

Swami asked students to distribute Prasadam. Students were distributing from the middle of the block. Swami called one boy and asked him to distribute from the sides…
Swami: Chalukya was once travelling through a village. There an old lady invited him for food. He sat down to eat dosas along with her grandson. Seeing the boy eating the dosas from the middle she said to that boy, “Oh boy, you are making the same mistake as that of Chandra Gupta. He too concentrated his army only at the capital, thereby ignoring the boundaries. The enemy attacked and he lost his kingdom.” Chalukya immediately understood the message and left the place. What is Chalukya’s other name?

Student: Kautilya.
Chanakya (BC 371-283); Also known as Chalukya, Kautilya and Vishnu Gupta
Swami: What is his real name?

Student: I don’t know, Swami.

Swami: Vishnu Gupta.


Swami had given apples to all the students…

Swami: (To a student) Show the apple that you have got. (The student showed the same) Quite big! It is proportional to your size. I separated the small ones from these big ones and sent them to hostels to make juice. 

(To a teacher) Did you get an apple? 

(When he showed the apple) It is big enough. Will you give it to your wife?

Teacher: Yes, Swami.

Swami: Yes, She is your Ardhangi! (In Sanskrit, wife is referred to as ‘Ardhangi’ meaning one half of the body) So, cut it into two halves and give her one half. Don’t be selfish. 

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  1. Simple stories subtle teachings. Only practice will make us perfect. My prayers to Swami to keep a watchful eye on his lost sheep.
    Sairam to one and all.


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