"What is so special about computers?"

September 29, 1992

Swami finished the interview by about 4:40 pm. He came out and called two brothers.

Swami: (To the elder brother) You should not quarrel with others. You must see Swami in others. Do you like Swami?

Student: Yes, Swami .

Swami: Then how can you fight with other boys? (So saying, He lovingly and patted him on his cheeks. Then…) How many brothers?

Student: Swami, three brothers.

Swami: (To the younger brother) How many brothers?

Student: Swami, all are my brothers!

Swami: Very good very good! (To a primary school student) Any future plans? Do you want to become a Doctor, Engineer or a Manager?

Student: Swami, I want to become an Engineer.

Swami: What branch – Electrical, Mechanical, Civil…

Student: Swami, Computers.

Swami: Computers? Everyone is going for computers nowadays. What is so special about computers? It is the person who designs the computer who is special. He is the one to be given importance. But everybody is blindly running after computers. Once a farmer in Hyderabad planted two acres of land with grapes. He earned such large dividends that he realised ₹25,000 per acre, making a total amount of ₹50,000! Seeing this, many other farmers planted grapes. As a result there was so much of produce that the demand fell and they could not realise even ₹50 per acre! Our computers are also becoming like that. People run after computers, but neglect the person who designs it. Men are giving value to material items today. Who has made gold and diamond precious? It is man. But while gold and diamonds are given enormous value, man has made himself valueless. The day we start giving value to man, the craze and value of material will come down. One must remember that men are more valuable than all the wealth of the world. Students are good initially. But as they grow big, this ego sets in. And then, that is the end. There must be no place for ego in one’s heart. Ego leads to total destruction. Ravana was a master of 64 kinds of arts. But ultimately, his ego led him to total ruin. 

In my view,
Politics without Principles,
Commerce without Morality,
Science without Humanity,
Education without Character,
Are not only useless but positively dangerous.

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