The Human Body is an Ideal Factory in Action: Sri Sathya Sai Perspective

The whole world is a stage and the entire human race enacts roles in the real life drama. The title of this drama is ‘Man Management’. Where do you find management? You find it in the factory and the industry. When we say ‘Man Management’, what is the factory here? What are the engines and machines? All the engines and the factories that we find in the world are false. Even though the whole world seems to be a big amusement park, Man Management which forms part of it involves ‘heartificial’ (holistic) management and not artificial (piecemeal) management. 

In this context, what is a factory? Our body itself should be considered as the factory in this context. In this factory, one finds different types of remarkable engines, each one of which functions properly. Food is sent through the pipe of the mouth into the stomach. There, it is well-ground into a paste and the essence of it is supplied to the whole body by the engine. The first engine is our stomach. The fuel of the engine of our stomach is Vaishvaanara (digestive fire). The second engine is the heart. It works continuously without resting even for a second. It pumps blood continuously with the sound ‘lub-dub’. The blood pumped to the lungs is mixed with oxygen and supplied to the entire body. In the body, there are ropes-like-matter called the nerves. 

Each part of the body works independently, but in collaboration with other parts of the body without being disturbed by them. They follow the affirmation, ‘Do your duty sincerely’. Some blood is supplied to the eye, the ear-drum, the tongue and the nose. Though the same blood is supplied to all, the eyes can only see and not hear. When something goes wrong with the eyes, the ears do not render a free advice to them to take some rest. The ear cannot do the job done by the eyes. If the eardrum is affected, the eye does not interfere. Since all the organs perform their respective duties with perfect precision, there is no confusion whatsoever. 

These engines in the human body are highly valuable. In other factories, Sundays and festival days are holidays. That is not the case with the human factory. Even in sleep, the factory keeps working. Even while travelling, or in times of anger, the factory functions without a break. Who or what is enabling the blood to circulate, the heart to beat or the lungs to breathe? It is neither any outside individual nor any external power. In the body, who is maintaining and regulating the correct temperature? Who is regulating the breathing process? The regulator of all these functions in the human body is the Divinity resident within. When you are able to obtain the grace of God, everything would proceed smoothly. You may imagine how to carry on the sojourn of life while thinking of God. One ought to reflect thus in such situations: “The one who sows the seeds, does he also not make arrangements to water them?” The One who gave you life, wouldn’t He sustain you? Since you lack such faith, you encounter so many troubles in daily life. Within a minute, you experience both – strong faith followed by serious doubts. This should not happen. 

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