“Today is New Year… Bhajans will be Good…”

January 1, 2004 (Thursday) 

Swami came to give His Divine Darshan at 6.40 am. Teachers and students started chanting Vedam. After Swami sat in the portico, the Institute band leader – Sriram, showed the programme card to Swami. Swami blessed the band boys to start their musical offerings. After some musical pieces were played, Swami walked down the steps of the portico and to the pleasant surprise of all, walked into the middle of the students block. 

Swami : (To Institute band leader) Can you play March? (The student turns to the band group and signals to play.) Bhajans Aata Hain? (Do you know Bhajans?) (The students keep quiet. Swami asks about a research scholar who was the previous band leader. Dibya Jyoti Das, a research scholar in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences and leader of the Institute Brass band for over five years comes near Swami. Swami gives him a book of the 20th Anniversary Souvenir of the Higher Secondary School. Dibya Jyoti Das asks Swami the music piece that the band boys could play. Swami consents and the students play it. Swami asks) 
Can you play Bhajan tunes? 

Student : Swami, notes are kept there. (Indicating to the place near the portico where the students had kept their musical notes sheets.) 

Swami : Notes Akkada Petti, Pillalani Ikkada Petti Emi Chestunnavu? (Keeping notes there and the boys here, what are you doing?) There were smiles around. 

Student : Can we play “Star Wars”? (Name of a musical piece) 

Swami consents and the boys play it 

Swami : Do you know Bhajan lines? 

Student : Swami, can we do it tomorrow? 

Swami : Aa... tomorrow... Today is New Year day. Bhajans will be good. 

After a while of silence, a student asked for photograph with Swami. 

Swami : I will come there. (Saying so, Swami came and stood in the center of the students and blessed them with the opportunity of a group photograph on the New Year’s Day.) 

Student : Swami, if You are happy we will feel very happy. 

Swami : I am happy. If Bhajans are there, I will be happier. 

Swami repeatedly indicated this day that He wanted the band students to learn and play Bhajans as part of the band programme. In the later years, Bhajans played in the form of band music became a regular feature of all band programmes in Swami’s Divine presence including the Convocation, Sports Meet and New Year’s Day Programmes. Swami was extremely happy with this development. 

Swami there after moves inside the interview room. 


  1. I am blessed today after reading this. Thank you Brother. Pranams to the Lotus Feet of our beloved Bhagavan.



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