When Sri Sathya Sai cured Himself of acute Appendicitis...

Sri Sathya Sai in Goa

Sunday, December 06, 1970 to 
Monday, December 21, 1970

Swami travelled to Goa by car on 6th December, 1970. His entourage consisted of Smt. and Sri Rajagopalan, Ms. Indra Devi, Mr. June Schuyler, Sri N. Kasturi, Sri N. D. M. Appah and few other devotees. Enroute at Dharwar, Swami visited the bungalow of Dr. Adke, the Vice Chancellor of Karnataka University. He spent an hour there with the Deans of the University. While travelling in the car, Swami mentioned pain in His stomach, and asked the driver to drive slowly. Sri Nakul Sen, the Lieutenant Governor of Goa welcomed Swami at the border of Goa. From there Swami was taken in the State car and arrived at Cabo Raj Nivas at 9.15 pm. 

Cabo Raj Nivas - The Lt. Governor's residence at Goa

Swami did not eat anything, but wanted coffee at 8 am the following morning. Swami was unwell the whole night and He did not disclose it to anybody. Very soon the Governor came to know of it. On the 8th, the pain combined with high fever worsened. Sri Nakul Sen called for a medical team from the Goa Medical College. Many expert doctors arrived to examine Swami. Swami was amused at their conflicting diagonosis. Swami was in bed the whole day. He directed Kasturi to cancel the programmes and announce to the public that He would give Darshan within a few days. Sri Kasturi comforted the agitated devotees that Swami sometimes atones for the Karmic debt of the devotees when pleaded for. The doctors diagnosed Swami’s illness to be acute Parracolic Appendicitis but Swami refused all medical aid. 

Sri Sathya Sai diagnosed by doctors
(Sketch Courtesy: Prasanthi Digital Studio)

He bore the illness for 3 days, from the 7th to the 9th. Swami insisted on giving Darshan on the 10th as per His earlier announcement. The doctors could neither agree nor believe it. They wanted to operate on Swami. However, Swami’s Will was otherwise. Swami was led into the bathroom at 5 pm on the 10th and 20 minutes later, He came out fresh as a new blossomed rose, adorned in a new robe. The doctors, much to their consternation, could not locate any abscess or for that matter find any trace of a big lump of flesh when they examined Swami. The whole area of the appendix was as soft and as normal as it could be, to the joy and ecstacy of everyone and especially the Governor. 

Swami addressed the devotees for 40 minutes at the Bhajan meeting in the Governor’s House on the 10th evening. Swami was there with His majesty, magnificence and munificience not only unimpaired, but enhanced as a result of the world becoming aware of the deeper aspects of His Mission. 

Swami blessed the doctors on 11th December and materialised gifts for them. Swami addressed a public meeting on the 18th and continued to give Darshan until 21st December. Swami returned to Bombay by a chartered plane on 21st December. 

Sri Sathya Sai addressing the devotees in Bombay

Swami subsequently reffered to the illness when He addressed the devotees in Bombay on Christmas day. “The other day, a serious illness had come upon this body in Goa. All those devoted to Me were plunged into anxiety and despair. Illness can never afflict this body. If it should come sometime, believe this – it belongs to someone else. The illness goes just as it came – of My free will.  I had to go to the resuce of a person who had surrendered to Me – surrendered even his judgement. I took over his illness and went through it.” 

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