Opthalmic Ailment cured by Sri Sathya Sai with Jasmine Flowers

Sri Sathya Sai in His early days

December 1944

In the winter of 1944, Baba visited Anantapur again. This time He stayed in the house of Sri Atma Rama Rao. He cured Sri T.Viswanatha Rao’s mother Smt. Subbamma of fever by making her eat a guava.

Baba was invited to visit Machilipatnam, a sea resort also called Bandar. During this time Baba stayed at the houses of Sri Rama Raju and Sri Parthasarathy Naidu, and visited the beach nearby to play and swim. Sri Raghaveswar Rao Naidu, who had accompanied Baba on the trip, had been suffering from double vision for a few years then. A nerve in the left eye was also paralysed. During the stay at Machilipatnam, Baba would every day tie jasmine flower strands to both his eyes. After Baba returned to Bangalore, the treatment continued for another 15 days and Sri Raghaveswar Rao Naidu was completely cured of his ailment.

At Madras, Baba visited the house of Sri Navaneetham Naidu’s son-in-law, Sri I.Raghava Rao Naidu, and stayed with the family for about 20 days. Smt. Easwaramma (Baba’s mother) accompanied Him on this trip. He materialised a Lingam for Smt. Nagaratnamma, Raghava Rao Naidu’s wife. He would give Discourses on the Bhaja Govindam of Adi Shankara to all those who thronged for Darshan. Baba visited the Parthasarathy Temple and the Kapaleeswar Temple during this stay.

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