Conversations with Students of Sathya Sai Music College

June 13, 2002 (Thursday)


Swami came to the Music at around 7.50 am. The Vice-Chancellor, Principal of the Music College and staff members of the Music College, received Swami. The Warden and Principal of the Music College expressed their happiness on Swami’s arrival. 

At this point, Swami said that due to His preoccupations He could not make it earlier. All students were seated in the Central Hall. Swami came and sat on the chair. Students gave a music programme starting with their daily prayer ‘Manikya Veena’. They also sang the Ganesha prayer ‘Gaayeye Ganpati’. At the end of the song, Swami asked one of the boys proficient in Swara Gana to sing the Swaras of that song which the student did splendidly. Swami was extremely happy to see his proficiency in music. 
Sri Sathya Sai with Students in the Music College, Prasanthi Nilayam
He encouraged all the students to practice well. He asked number of students where they had come from. Later, the students also sang Telugu Keertanas such as ‘Janmamenduku, Aparama Bhakthi, O Rama Nee Naamamu Entha Ruchi Ra’. Swami made corrections in the song ‘O Rama...’ and showed a new way of singing. He suggested that one student could sing one line while the other student could sing the next line in another style. It would sound attractive and people would hear it with enthusiasm. One Hindustani vocal student sang ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. Swami made the younger students to sing separately and told them to practice well as they could not reach higher Shrutis (musical pitch). Swami left the Music College at around 8.30 am.

Evening Session

Swami : (Pointing to Prof. Anil Kumar, and then to the students) Who is this boy?

Students : (In chorus) Prof. Anil Kumar.

Swami : I am not asking his name. Who is this boy? (There was no reply from any of the students and there was silence for a few moments. One of the teachers showed a paper to Swami. After reading it for a few moments, Swami turned to Prof. Anil Kumar and asked) Is it teaching skills or teaching skill?

Prof. A. K. : Swami, it is called skills only. Skills are plural. It is called skill.

Swami : Mari Skills Ni Emantaaru? (Then what do you call skills?)

Prof. A. K. : It is called skills.

Swami : Today, who sang in the Music College? Four boys sang. (The four boys rise on their knees. Pointing to one these students who sang in the Hindustani style of music) Hindustani, come here. (All the four students came front. To the Hindustani student) Where do you come from?

Student : Swami, Orissa. (The four boys were sitting uncomfortably as there was less place. Seeing this, Swami told them to sit right.)
(To another student) Where do you come from?

Student : Palakkad, Swami.

Prof. A. K. : Swami, are all of them Hindustani?

Swami : No. (Pointing to one student) He is Hindustani. They play Tabla, Sitar and Veena also.

Prof. A. K. : Swami when outside teachers came and conducted their exams, they said that by Swami’s grace they were learning very fast.

Swami : (To another student) Where do you come from boy?

Student : From Kerala, Swami.

Swami : In Kerala, where?

Student : Kollam.

Swami : Twenty years back I went there. I went to the beach to give a discourse. One side there was Jalam (water) and other side there was Janam (people). Srisailam is surrounded by water on three sides.

Prof. A. K. : Swami when Srisailam boys come here for Onam, their speeches and the Vedam chanting are very good. Swami, does the hostel there have same rules and regulations as here?

Swami : Ide Vidhanamuga Ide Paddhatigaa. (Same rules and regulations as here.) (Looking at Prof. Anil Kumar’s watch) Neeku Aa Watch Evaru Ichaaru? 
(Who gave you that watch?)

Prof. A. K. : You had given, Swami.

Swami : Don’t lie (smiling).

Prof. A. K. : No Swami, You had only given. In my place nobody has got such a watch.

Swami : Which is your place?

Prof. A. K. : Guntur, Swami.
Swami creates a beautiful golden watch and allows some of the teachers to see it and then gives it to Prof. Anil Kumar.

Swami : (Looking over to the boys in front of Him) Only these many students?

Prof. A. K. : No, Swami, some are sitting inside (Bhajan Hall) and some are sitting that side (near the old students block).

Swami : (Pushing behind His hair which was sticking on to His face) There is magnetic Shakti (power). That is why it is happening like this.
(To another student) Where do you come from?

Student : Muddenahalli, Swami.

Swami : What is your name?

Student : Swami, Ananth.

Swami then went into the interview room. After some time, Swami called some students for Prasadam distribution. Swami gave cakes as Prasadam to all the students. Swami gave biscuits to some teachers personally and then threw the biscuit packets to some of the students to be distributed to all.

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