"Have the Examination Results been Declared?"

June 15, 2002 (Saturday)

Swami came to Ganesha Portico at 3.15 pm. As soon as Swami came to Ganesh Portico, one Institute teacher showed the half pants, shirts and white pants to Swami.

Swami : Results Anta Vachaya? (Have all the results been declared?)
(To one student) Which grade? 

Student : ‘A’ grade Swami.

Swami : Chhi! Who all got ‘O’ grade? (Students raise their hands) Who got high grade? (Few students raise their hands.)
(To a student) How much did you get?

Student : 4.86, Swami.

Swami : High grade means five out of five. Who got five out of five? (One boy raises his hand.) What is your name?

Student : Sai Sathish, Swami.

Swami : Did you get five?

Sai Sathish : Yes, Swami.

Swami : Did you get five in all subjects?

Sai Sathish : I did not get in the last semester, Swami. I got in this semester.

Swami : What is the name of Andhra University Vice-Chancellor?

Prof. A. K. : Sri Krishna, Swami. He is sitting inside the Bhajan Hall, Swami. (Referring to a student of that name.)

Swami : (The student came from Bhajan Hall) Did you get five?

SriKrishna : Yes Swami, by Your grace only.

Swami : What do you want?

SriKrishna : I want only You, Swami. (Swami looked around the students neck and fingers and waved His hand to materialise a bracelet for the student.) Bagunda? (Is it good?)

SriKrishna : It is very nice Swami.

Swami : (To Prof. Anil Kumar) Bagunda?

Prof. A. K. : It is very nice Swami, it is a new design.

Swami : Andhra University Vice-Chancellor did not have children. I told him to adopt his sister’s son. He is My devotee. He used to come here. Very good man. (To Warden) Emi Muti Musukuni Kurchunnavu? Asuya? (Why are you sitting silently? Are you feeling jealous?)

Warden : No Swami, I am happy that You are giving joy to so many.

Swami : This boy got five out of five. He did not miss even one point. He got same marks in all the papers. I wanted to give chain or ring but I have already given them before. So I gave him a bracelet.

Prof. A. K. : Paripoornata (completeness), Swami.

Swami : There won’t be any more exams for him. (Pointing to teachers) You are all becoming old. I have to have new people.

Warden : Swami, this boy participates in all sports and other activities. He was also part of the Lion Dance Group.

Swami : This boy participated in Lion Dance.
(To student) What sports do you participate in?

Student : Volleyball, Swami.
Sri Sathya Sai in the Sai Kulwant Hall Portico
Swami : (Smiling) How come you don’t have a tail? (Punning on the word ‘volley’ with ‘Vali’ the monkey king from the epic Ramayana.) Where is the Mysore boy? He also got five out of five. (After some time) Among the waiting boys (students waiting for Swami’s command for their future course of action after competing studies in His Institute) who are engineers? (The students came.) Who else is there? Find out whether there is an engineer among the devotees.
(To one student) Did you call up home?

Student : Swami, I will call up today.

Swami : (To another student) Get sweets and distribute them. I gave this boy medicine. His face has become clean (referring the the student’s pimple-related problem). (One civil engineer comes.) Find the central point between these two pillars to install a statue. (Looking at the boys who were distributing Prasadam) They are giving to people who have already received Prasadam. College boys are like this only. Primary School boys are better. College boys fail to serve properly. If a Primary School boy receives Prasadam once, he will say that he has got. College boys take five times! Character develops from small things. (Swami would use every opportunity to praise the innocence of the Primary School students.)
(To the engineer) The statue is six feet tall (referring to His statue that was scheduled for installation on Guru Pournima day). See that it should come outside the area under the balcony. Here it will touch the roof.
(To one student who was distributing Prasadam) Keep the Prasadam inside. Tomorrow morning Primary School children will come. I will give them. (To the engineer) Where do you work?
Engineer : Uttar Pradesh, Swami.

Swami : Place is not so good. Only some main roads are good. Kerala is very good even though it is a small place. Trivandrum is very beautiful. (At this time some ‘Jai Jai’ was heard.) They are the small boys from Indore.
(To the engineer) After Bhajan all will go. Then you can start working.
(To Prof. Anil Kumar) Did they give you the Prasadam? Put it inside your stomach. It will be safe there. (smiling)

Prof. A. K. : Swami, nobody ate. That is why I am also waiting.

Swami : All have eaten.
Swami spoke to the engineer, took letters from some students and went into the interview room. 





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