"The ones, who have realised the Truth, can feel the omnipresence of the Lord."

June 17, 2002 (Monday)

Swami : Where is Radhaswamy? (Swami called one boy and took letters from him. As he was holding two letters, Swami asked to give one of them. But he gave two letters.) Whose is the other letter?

Student : Swami, my father’s.

Swami : Where is the Warden? 

Teacher : Swami he hasn’t come yet. (As he was saying this, the Warden arrived).

Swami : Where are the Muslim boys?

Warden : Swami, they are there. (Warden called the two students.)

Swami : (Pointing to the two students) Did you participate in the Lion Dance?

Student : Yes, Swami.

Swami : Which class are you in?

Student : Swami, second year.

Swami : What is your name?
The boys answered. Then Swami created a pendant having ‘Allah’ and ‘Bismillah’ on one side and on the other side ‘Sairam’.

Swami : Keep it with you. What is the meaning of Bismillah?

Teacher : Swami, Allah means God and Bismillah means it is some kind of name like Bhagavan.
Just then some sparrows started making noise.

Swami : In Parthi, there are too many cuckoo birds. They gather in the evening and sing. (After a pause) How was the function?

Warden : Swami, it went on nicely. Two small music boys sang nicely. One of them sang Swaras (musical notes) also. They have learnt it from their childhood. 

Swami : If one learns at a young age, he grasps better. Even eating also! 

(Swami called a teacher and was discussing some personal matter with him. In this context…) Swami doesn’t oppose marriages. However, the decision regarding marriage should be such that the couple may lead a happy life. But some people don’t think about this in advance and hence they land up in difficulties later. Caste system causes problems for marriage at every step. One can change anything, but it is difficult to change the customs. But there is an example of one lady who could transform her husband. She made him leave all his bad habits and made him lead his life like a chaste Brahmin. She also made others change for the better. This change was not by force, but from the source. Her sons are working in the Mandir. (After a pause) These days, they take 25 lakhs for a seat in M.B.B.S. (medical education).

Prof. A. K. : Swami, by the time a student finishes his education these days, so much money is spent on him.

Swami : First of all, the one who studies doesn’t have a brain. If he deposits the money in a bank, he will receive interest just like a salary. He can spend his life happily with that much money! After having spent so much, there is no value for M.B.B.S. (medical degree). Anyway, he has to do M.D. after that. And even then, there is no guarantee that he will get a job.

Prof. A. K. : Swami, money madness.

Swami : Dabbu Picchi Kaadu, Donga Dabbu (It is not money madness; but money got by wrong means). There was a drunkard in Bangalore. He asked one lakh rupees from his brother. He was given ten minutes time. In the eleventh minute, everything was over.

Prof. A. K. : Swami, for the sake of one lakh!

Swami : Laksha Kanna Lakshyam Mukhyam Vaadiki (More than the money, the objective was important for him). These days, people are ready to do anything for money. (Swami then asked a devotee to speak. After the speech, Swami asked the teachers) Vinnara Meeru? (Did you all listen?)

Teacher : Swami, You are omnipresent.

Swami : The ones, who have realised the Truth, can feel the omnipresence of the Lord. The ones who don’t, can never feel so. “No” Anna Vaariki “No”, “Yes” Anna Vaariki “Yes”, Kaani Sai Ki Sarvam “Yes Yes Yes”. (It is ‘no’ for those who say ‘no’ and ‘yes’ for those who say ‘yes’, but for Sai everything is ‘Yes Yes Yes’.)

Some Jaikars were heard. Swami said that they were from Bhopal and raised His hands in blessings.

Swami : Sing some songs. All the singers come together and sing.

The Warden called two small Music College students.

Swami : (To Warden) How can small kids sing? All cannot hear them. This is like disrespecting the singers. If there any good singers, they may sing. 
(All the students sang ‘Humko Tumse Pyaar Kitna...’ together.) It is better if you learn group songs and sing loudly together so that all can hear you. Learn group songs and be ready. I may ask anytime. Happy. 

The students had been praying for nearly a week for this opportunity and finally Swami blessed them with the opportunity. Now the expectation was in the air that very soon Swami would give them the chance of presenting their programme before Him.

A little while later, Swami got up and went into the interview room. After Bhajans Swami retired to the Poornachandra residence.

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