Sri Sathya Sai Conversations on Homeopathy

Thursday, September 7, 2000 

After morning Darshan, Swami went for the concluding function of the week-long Ganesh Puja conducted near the North Indian Canteen. During evening Darshan, Swami did not go towards the men’s side. He cut across the third block and went around the students. He was waiting for the Ganesha immersion procession to come (it being the last day of ‘Eka Pancha Sapta Sathi’). The procession was led by Nadaswaram, Vedic scholars and the Bhajan group. A palanquin, tastefully decorated with marigold and other flowers, on which the Shirdi Sai Ganesha idol was placed, was carried by Sai Youth from Bangalore. The whole procession went around the Mandir. Swami blessed the preists and others who accompanied the procession with photographs and Padanamaskar. He also broke coconuts and spent a lot of time with them. 
After the procession left Mandir, Swami sat in the chair in front of the Ganesha idol in the portico. Few of the Primary School students gave speeches before Swami. An Undergraduate (UG) student spoke in Kannada and a Higher Secondary School student followed him. All the talks were based on Swami’s teachings. One of the Primary School students also chanted ‘Vishnu Sahasranamam’ (1008 names of Lord Vishnu). Later, Swami went to the inner portico and asked a doctor…

Swami : How is Reddy?

Doctor : Swami, he is fine.

Swami : What medicines are you giving him? He has got Pneumonia.

Doctor : Swami, antibiotics.

Swami : Starting itself antibiotics! Zyada Hai (too much). These antibiotics react.

Doctor : Swami, we are also trying Homeopathy.

Swami : Allopathy, very quick relief but they also react inside the body very fast. Homeopathy has very slow relief but perfect cure. Who found Homeopathy? (The doctor told some name.) He is a German named Hahnemann. He discovered it in 1775. He dedicated his entire life for Homeopathy. (Swami took Dr. Alreja inside, after which He distributed clothes to Hospital staff. To a doctor) How is she (referring to a patient)? Take care of her. Think twice before you do anything. Don’t be in a hurry. Hurry makes worry. In My opinion, there is an artery near the heart itself. There is no need to take it from leg. Generally, you do like that in by-pass surgery. Just do it carefully. Nothing will happen to her. Don’t worry.

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