"Too many desires... There is no limit for desires..."

Wednesday, September 13, 2000

After the evening interviews, when Swami was walking through the first block, a devotee tried to touch Swami’s feet.
Swami: While I am walking, don’t put your hand. I will fall down. (Swami walked straight to the police personals and blessed them with clothes, Vibhuti, sweet and came back. As Swami saw Mr. Marina from Italy, Swami took him into the interview room by holding his hand. After that Swami came out. He saw a sweet box kept there and scolded a boy who kept the box there.) Miser, miser. You should have given to boys. (Swami instructed them to get some more boxes. To the alumni who came recently from Los Angeles after their training) Tomorrow onwards go to the Super Speciality Hospital so that you will get some practice. (Then, Swami came to Ganesh portico.) Why did you put the chair?

Prof. A. K.: Swami we thought, if we are fortunate, Swami would sit on this and we all can see and be happy.

Swami: Too many desires. There is no limit for desires.

Prof. A. K.: Our desires have become Adiyaasalu, Swami.

Swami: Adiyaasalu Ante (What is Adiyaasalu)?

Prof. A. K.: Disappointment, Swami.

Swami: Why should I sit on that chair?

Prof. A. K.: For our sake, only once, Swami.

Swami: People who have leg pain only will sit.

Prof. A. K.: Swami does not have any pain and also does not know what pain means. All those things are for us only. Swami, yesterday there was a nice article about our Institute in the Hindu newspaper.

Swami: About what?

Prof. A. K.: Swami, about our Institute and the education imparted in Swami’s colleges.

Swami: (Warden, Dr. Siva Sankara Sai showed the article to Swami. 

Swami patiently saw and read a few lines.) “Education is for life, not for living”. It is written by Mrs. Seshadri. She is also a doctor. (Dr. Hiramalini Seshadri is a renowned medical practitioner from Chennai and an ardent Sai devotee for many decades.)

Prof. A. K.: Swami, very well written. Our University picture has also come. It is very good, Swami.

Swami: What else is the news?

Prof. A. K.: Swami, in Los Angeles, America, a book containing details about Swami’s organisation was released. A very good article was also released.

Swami: Did they write about you?

Prof. A. K.: Swami, I got a photocopy of that book so that I can show to some people.

Swami: (Jokingly) Is it other’s money or your own?

Prof. A. K.: With my money, I got Swami.

Swami: (Seeing a book in his hands) What is that book?

Prof. A. K.: Swami, this book is on Ramana Maharshi. The book deals with – “Who am I”. It is a very good book, Swami.

Swami: (Swami read out from the book) Who are you? Who are you?

Prof. A. K.: Yes, Swami, You always repeat those things.

Swami: No use. Why do you need?

Prof. A. K.: Swami, some more desires.

Swami: Some more, some more…

Prof. A. K.: (Prof. Anil Kumar understood what Swami meant and laughed.) 
Yes, Swami. Old man, Swami. Some more desires.

Swami: For the sake of service, you can tie them all and distribute.

Prof. A. K.: Otherwise, service will be difficult.

Swami: Yes, serving will be difficult. Last time I told Prabhakar Rao (Prasanthi Nilayam Ashram Engineer) to construct Schools in Penukonda and Uravakonda villages.

Prof. A. K.: Yes, Swami, during 70th birthday.

Swami: Very less place was given. After construction, they got a notice for Hostel construction. In a little place how can a Hostel be constructed?

Prof. A. K.: It is not a good thing, Swami. Very big desire.

Swami: What more news?

Prof. A. K.: (Pointing to the Principal who was holding the map of Anantapur district) Swami village service plan.

Swami: For you, only plans. You don’t know anything. From childhood I know everything. I don’t require a plan. Prof. Rao was planning with Registrar (Prof. Lakshminarasimham) and Vice-Chancellor (Sri S. V. Giri) about a visit to villages where service is to be done.

Prof. A. K.: Yes, Swami. Preliminary data collection.

Swami: They are planning for Narayana Seva there. They want to go and see if place is enough or not. There is enough place. There are so many Schools. We ourselves constructed. There is enough place.

Teacher: Swami constructed even Kalyana Mandapams.

Swami: Enough place is there. But they should not plan to give or cook food there. Only packets to be taken from here and distribute there. The villagers will take food packet and clothes.

Prof. A. K.: Yes, Swami. That would be easy.

Swami: Serving becomes difficult there. Packets are easier.

Prof. A. K.: We will do as per Swami’s command. Swami’s miracles are happening in countless number like food being multiplied and sufficient for all the people at a place near Los Angeles.

Swami: How do you know?

Prof. A. K.: It came in a book. I read it and took photocopy of that part, to show it to others.

Swami: No need of publicity. (To School students) What is the breakfast?

Student: Swami, Idli, Bread Bajji and Chutney.

Swami: Bread. What about lunch?

Student: Rice, chapati, carrot-beans curry, tomato dal (Swami looked at Prof. Anil Kumar as he heard of dal and repeated it to him. Prof. Anil Kumar started laughing), rasam and curd.

Swami: Senior Hostel or Junior Hostel?

Student: Swami, Junior Hostel.

Swami: Pedda Hostel Lo Lunch Emi? (What is the lunch in Senior Hostel?)

Student: Rice, chapati… (Swami interrupted and said, “Only rice, chapati?”) No, Swami. Potato curry, Sambar.

Swami: (To Prof. Anil Kumar, jokingly) Since Warden is there behind, they are adding some more Masala. In fact, nothing was given!
(To a School student) Where did you come from? Bhopal?

Student: No, Swami, Jabalpur.

Swami: Same area. All are nearby. M.B.A. boys (alumni) are there. Bhandari (a senior devotee) is also from there only. Now, he is in Indore. 
(As Swami was walking away, He saw the chair and to the security person) Who put the chair?

Warden: Swami, we put.

Swami: Whose chair?

Warden: Our Hostel chair, Swami.

Swami: Hostel chair?

Warden: Swami’s chair, Swami.

Swami: (Smilingly) Then I will not sit. (In the Bhajan Hall, Sri B. Siva Kumar, Research Scholar, Department of Chemistry, showed his Ph.D. thesis. Swami blessed and asked him) Which subject?

R. S. : Swami, Chemistry.


  1. Sai Ram, Thank you for the right article at the right time. We are thinking about "ceiling on desires" and Swami reminded the same!

  2. Great message in this article about Swami's omnipresence and omniscience. Prof.Anilkumar makes conversation with Swami lively.


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