Conversations with Sri Sathya Sai on Healthy Food

Thursday, June 29, 2000

In the morning, Swami took some alumni who are going to Delhi for an interview. They also took photographs with Swami. In the evening Darshan, to a teacher…

Swami : (Pointing out at the leg of Prof. Radhaswamy, Associate Dean, School of Business Management at Swami’s University) What happened to your leg?

Teacher : Swami, everything is the fruit of bad Karma (actions). 

Swami : Everything is Vedantam! (Jokingly) Did your wife nicely hit you? 
(Calling the kitchen in-charge, Sri K. Venkatachalam) What’s the breakfast?

Sri K. V. : Uttapam, Swami.

Swami : (Swami asked the same to another student and punned with the word ‘Uttapam’ by splitting it as ‘Utta’ and ‘Appam’, which meant spoiled dosa. To Prof. Radhaswamy) 
- Green leafy vegetables are good for heart. So are brinjal, drumsticks and bitter-gourd. 
- And groundnuts have cholestrol and groundnut oil should be avoided. In general, vegetable oil is better than Dalda ghee, as it has less cholesterol. 
- Milk should be mixed with water, one is to three. 
- Soyabean sprouts are good, but they should be Indian soya and not imported variety. 
- Drumsticks should be boiled properly, then alone its beneficial properties will be transferred from the skin to the pulp.
- One should do some exercise daily, at least walking. 

(After the interview, Swami walked towards the Delhi-going students and gestured) Packing… Over? Ready…

Student : Yes, Swami.

Swami : Baga Teluskoni Randi (Learn properly and come). Van will come at 8.30 pm. Go in it. (Inside the Bhajan Hall, looking at the wall clock) Five minutes more (referring to the Bhajans).

Bhajans were from 5.30 pm to 5.55 pm and were sung by U.K. devotees. While going back, Swami waved His hand to the students who were going to Delhi that night. 

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