Conversations with Sri Sathya Sai on Princess Diana and His Visit to Badrinath

September 1, 1997

Swami  : (About to say something to a teacher, then withdraws) Chhodo (leave it). Again after a moment, Tumhara system Kharab Hai (there is a defect in your system). Boys Ko exam Ke Baad Thoda Time Do (after exams give some time to boys). Ekdam classes Shuru Karta Hai (You start the classes immediately). Half an hour time Do. Boys Ko discuss Karna Hai, question paper Mein Kya Aaya Hai (Boys need to discuss about the question paper). Main Professor Hota To Aisa Nahi Karta,  Nahi, Nahi (If I would have been the Professor, I would have never done like that). Principal Ko Bolo. (Repeating again) Main Aisa Nahi Karta. Boys Ko time Do exam Ke Baad. Ekdam class Mein boys Kuch Nahi Sunta, Tum Kuchh Bhi Bolo 

(Immediately after the exam, boys don't listen to anything in the class, whatever you may teach). 

Boy  : Swami, sister (had an) accident. 

Swami  : What? (The boy repeated and Swami repeated ‘What?’) 

Princess Diana (1961-1997)
Swami  : Ha! Tumhara Ek Aur sister Ka Accident Hua. Malum second sister, Queen Elizabeth Ka daughter-in-law. What is her name? (Another sister of yours also had an accident. Do you know who is the second sister? She is the daughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth) 

Another boy: Swami, Diana. 

Swami  : Ha! 

Boy  : (Repeating again) Swami, Diana. 

Swami  : (Punning on the words - Jokingly) Ha! Dionil, Medicine for Diabetes? 

(Swami repeated the name of the medicine to that teacher, and the teacher agreed with Swami.) 

Student  : Swami, sister and brother-in-law Aaya (Sister and brother-in-law have come). (Swami created Vibhuti for the student.) Swami, please talk to them. 

Swami  : Recommendation Kyun (Why do you need to give recommendation?)! Relation with Swami is heart-to-heart, love-to-love, no recommendation.  

Swami pointed to a student and told that his grandfather had come for the first time to the old Mandir. “Ye construction Nahi Hua Tha.” (The present Mandir was not constructed) (To that student) Abhi Kahaan Hai? (Where is he now?). 

Student  : Swami, Kasauli. 

Swami  : Ha? 

Student  :  Swami, Kasauli. Himachal Pradesh. 

Swami  : Malum Hai? (Do you know?) Shimla Gaya, Badrinath Bhi Gaya. 25 miles up walk Kiya. Abhi Bhi Walk Kar Sakta Hai Par Jagah Nahi Hai. Rishikesh Bhi Gaya. (I have gone to Shimla and Badrinath. I walked up the hill. Now also I can walk, but no place. I have gone to Rishikesh also.) 

Teacher  : Swami, Upar horse Bhi Jata Hai. (Horse also goes up). 
Sri Sathya Sai en route to Badrinath with Burgula Ramakrishna Rao, Governor of Uttar Pradesh
Swami  : Nahi. Vahan horse Nahi Hota. (There are no horses there.) Big donkeys. Donkeys Bhi Nahi, horse Bhi Nahi, Usko Kya Bolta Hai? (It’s neither a horse nor a donkey, what do you call it?). (To students) What is it called? 

Student  : Swami, mule. 

Swami  : Nahi,Nahi. 

Student  : Swami, pony. 

Swami  : No pony, no Puri. Kuch Aur Bolta Hai. (They call it something else) Unko Thoda opium Deta Hai. (They give it some opium). 
(Swami then imitated the addicted state of the animal. In the course of the conversation, Swami said) Marriage is mirage. Paani Dikhta Hai, Sukh-Sukh-Sukh Ke Liye Jata Hai, Par till last moment no Sukh (It is all illusory, man goes in search of happiness, but till last moment, no happiness). (To a student) What are you studying? 

Student  : MFM. 

Swami  : What is MFM? What is the meaning of finance? 

Student  : Swami, money. 

Swami  : What is the meaning of money? 

Student  : Swami, Maya. 

Swami  : Maya! Maya Hai To Usko touch Mat Karo. (If it is illusory, do not touch it). Everything is wealth. Health is wealth. Happiness is wealth. Thinking is wealth. Everything is wealth. But no use of wealth without discrimination - Medha Shakti. 

Student  : Swami, mind power. 

Swami  : Yes, brain power. What do you mean by ‘Free Will’? 

Student  : Swami, only Your will is Free Will. 

Swami  : Yes, nobody has Free Will, only God has Free Will, only God. No doubt, never doubt, only God has Free Will. 

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