Sri Sathya Sai On: Does Justice Win?

In human life, there is Divine experience. Whatever object you love, it is not for the sake of the object. It is only your desire that makes you love. Whomsoever you love, you do not love them for the sake of that love. You love them for your own self. Therefore, when one loves, one spends time in anxiety, one is miserable because of his self. One is responsible for one’s own anxiety, happiness, and satisfaction. As one is responsible, one has to know his own nature. This is not present in text. People consider their aim in life as just taking the body and the mind until the end of life. One has to know the truth of life, which has got these aspects of reason. In this world, nothing is permanent. Nobody knows where and when what is going to happen? So long as we are alive, we should live happily. You can have satisfaction only by thinking of the Lord. Even Yagyavalkya, the great saint said, “The whole world is a manifestation of God. There is no place where God is absent. There is no name without Him, no place without Him. We should experience that unity.” That unity is present in the form of diversity. We are making an effort to view this multiplicity in that way. It is a mistake. In Bruhadaranya, it is said that the entire power and strength is Omkara. Wherever you listen, you can hear the Pranava (the sound of the mystical syllable ‘Om’). If you go down to a log of wood, you will hear the Pranava. You pat the electric pole and you will get the Pranava. You need not go anywhere. Just close your ears and you will hear the Omkara. It is this Omkara that is present everywhere. When we have full faith that this Pranava is the very form of Divinity, there is no scope for any anxieties and worries.

The Fall of the Bad is Imminent

In this world, there are so many miseries and so many losses. So long as you have body attachment, you are bound to suffer. All miseries relate to the body and not to the Self. This body is a combination of five elements. This body of five elements is weak and bound to fall. They have specified hundred years as the life span of an average human being but we cannot believe it. Either in the early ages, youth or in the old age, either in a farm, in a village or in water you never know, but death is certain. So long as you are alive, you should know your Self. So long as there is this body you should know this truth. Remember body is like a water bubble. It is born in water; it merges in water like a water bubble. Human beings are bubbles and Narayana is the water. The bubble has come out of water. This bubble is the body. Therefore, it merges in Narayana. Yagas and Yagnas teach the knowledge of the Self. The worldly people with all the physical feelings submit themselves to all kind of blames and frustrations. They take it as a responsibility to hurt everyone. Even the good is depicted as bad. He who lives in this way is bound to suffer or ruin himself. Therefore, we have to understand and conduct ourselves in facing this world of the mind. There are some who do not look at good but look only at the bad. There are some, who view only the bad and consider them as good. Both of these are false. The Divine Vision is that which looks only at the good throughout. Therefore, in human life, we should never think of anything bad. Even if anyone blames you, with all control you should be calm and cool. No other thing has greater power than this. We should develop peace. The more you are at peace the longer you live. Today we are losing peace. If anyone says anything, we get angry. Without finding any fault, taking everything as good, some people express themselves without considering anything as bad. These people take everything as good. Some divide these things as good and bad. They express in that way. Bad people go on accusing you, considering only evil things. A demon is better than such people. These types of people are on the rise in today’s world. They have perverted minds at times of ruin. This is the foundation for their destruction.

Justice will Win

At one time, Balarama and Krishna were conversing. Balarama questioned, “What is this present day position of the world? It is not only related to Kauravas and Pandavas. Even in our own clan – Yadavas, there is a revolution. They have got hatred; they fight each other, and are going forward for unnecessary things.” Krishna said, “This is the effect of Kali. All the forthcoming events are also because of its influence”.

All the wicked minds are there in times of total ruin. They can tie our hands. We should see that such minds do not have such a chance. We should develop peaceful feelings. Before you make an attempt to criticise anybody, make an enquiry. If you want to say anything, or publicise anything, take time to investigate whether it is true or not. We should not be carried away by what is said by everyone. The wise should take the truth, should investigate the truth. It is all foolishness to decide as and when you listen to a sage, why such things are happening? They happen only to develop the good. All sacred things improve purity. If you dig the pit deeper, you will find the mound on the side. These are worldly actions. When certain things happen with relation to Divinity, they are bound to take one to higher altitude. Pandavas and Kauravas fought for nine days and it looked like Pandavas are losing. All these nine days when Pandavas started losing, Arjuna lost all spirit. Then Krishna said, “Why are you worried? Injustice in the beginning will have to face the trial. Gradually they subdue and peace and truth will come out later. Therefore, you need not worry. Get up Arjuna! Justice will win. Selfishness will vanish. This will happen. The father thinks he has hundred children. He will be left with none to do the obituary rights. What is the reason? There are so many who have wicked thoughts. There are many people, who indulge in such acts. They are useless. They are a very inhuman society. They ruined this mighty kingdom. Further, Shakuni added to the fire and this fire is growing more and more. For this suffering to the people in the world, that rain of arrows is bound to take place.”
Kauravas could not bear the sight of Pandavas who were noble and full of virtuous aspects. Pandavas were the very form of Dharma. They had no trace of fault. At the time of humiliation of Draupadi, Bheema was there. Arjuna who had many titles was also there. Though they were very powerful, they did not act. If Bheema decided, he could kill all the Kauravas in an instant. What is bound to happen must happen. All these will help us in justice. The Kauravas have taken birth in this kingdom to destroy this kingdom.

Source: Truth Alone Triumphs, Discourse 18, My Dear Students Volume 1

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