Sri Sathya Sai narrates: The Story of Savitri and Satyavanta

Of all the senses, the tongue is of prime importance. If we avoid excessive talking, learn to speak sparingly and speak truth, our mental energies increase greatly. It is important to talk less and talk sweetly. By speaking truth we can achieve the greatest of tasks very easily, for all righteous activities have truth as the foundation. ‘Satyam Naasti Paro Dharmaha’ - There is no greater duty than adhering to the Truth. Even the truth spoken should qualify the description. Speech should be pleasing, beneficial and should not cause anxiety or emotional disturbance. Life can be saved or restored by adhering to truth. Savitri was the only daughter of King Ashwapati. He agreed to marry her to Satyavanta and gave his word of consent to the groom. Then Sage Narada dropped by and said, “Ashwapati, you are making a mistake. You wish that your daughter leads a long and happy married life. But the bridegroom, Satyavanta, is left with only one year to live in his lifespan. Afterwards, you daughter will suffer much!”

He left having done his bit and the father became deeply worried. He came to his daughter and narrated Narada’s warning. Savitri said, “Father, words are given only once. Truth is God. If we give up the truth, we would be giving up God. What can we achieve without God with us? If we stick to the truth, adore and follow it, truth itself will bestow goodness upon all. Therefore, you should not break the promise made to Satyavanta. We should fulfil the word given to him. Let us see later what is in store for me. I am devoted to truth. I shall only marry Satyavanta. Truth will keep him alive. So don’t go back on your word.” She spoke with firm conviction. Finally, her faith saved her. As Narada predicted, her husband died within a year. She took a vow in the name of truth and brought him back to life. So we should be careful with our speech. Then we acquire a great amount of will power and purity of heart. Whatever may be the difficulties on the way, however much we may suffer, whosoever may blame and criticise us, we should not let go of our word of honour. We should not go back on the word given. We should be honest to ourselves. We should adhere to truth in our usual way. If we violate our commitment to truth, it amounts to violating God, as truth itself is a manifestation of God. Violating God, what can one achieve in His creation? All achievements and triumphs accrue only when God is with us.
Lord Yama, God of Death, approaching Savitri and Satyavanta
It is only when we keep God in our hearts and make our faith strong, that we can achieve victory. Unfortunately, today we consider worldly materialistic tendencies as our life principles. Mind has two types of will - pure will and impure will. When one wills in his mind things that are ephemeral, short lived and of relevance only to the materialistic world, then the will is impure.

Pure will is the idea that activates us to develop values that are eternal, true and Divine. Through purity of will and pure ideas we acquire clear vision and wisdom. Such revelations of wisdom cannot be obtained from Gurus nor can it be acquired through study of books, through our efforts alone can we develop such wisdom. Nothing is impossible to those of us who adore God in complete and strong faith.

Source: Master the Mind, Be a Mastermind, Discourse 14, My Dear Students Volume 1; Divine Discourse on July 6, 1989 at Sri Sathya Sai Hostel, Prasanthi Nilayam

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