In the Depths of Silence... - By Bala Pavan Kumar

As I write this article, it is contemplation and reflection that fill me, reflection of the profound lessons and wonderful opportunities that I have been granted at His Feet. 

“In the depths of silence, the voice of God can be heard.” This was one of the statements that impressed me and I decided to observe silence. Silence here, not only refers to external silence but more importantly, internal silence. 

Bhagavan is an ideal teacher who encourages us to journey towards Him, gradually and continuously. He insists on physical silence and prods us to go deeper to achieve mental stillness. It is in this calmness the Lord’s voice can be heard. All this exercise is not to make us dumb but to make us realise that we may speak only when it is worth breaking the silence. 

Whether we acknowledge the fact or not, this voice is our counsellor in troubled times, nay, at all times. The voice of God in all of us is the conscience that prompts us to make the right move at every step. Listening to this voice is to love God. Love leads to faith, faith to experience, and experience breeds greater faith.


I was in my twelfth standard and one day Bhagavan visited the Boys Hostel. Many programmes were arranged for Bhagavan’s visit. During the programme, Bhagavan was seated in the Jhula and the twelfth standard boys being the senior boys in the school, were given the opportunity to swing the Jhula gently from behind. I happened to be at the end and by the time my tum came the session concluded. I was greatly depressed but the voice within consoled saying that it was for my own good. Yet, how could I take that? I grumbled about it, but eventually forgot the incident. 
Sri Sathya Sai on the Jhula at the Higher Secondary School
After the completion of my first year under graduation, we had a summer course. During one of the sessions Bhagavan visited the auditorium. Bhagavan entered from the back door and sat among the students. It was considerably inside the auditorium and so some of the boys rushed to get a fan for Swami. Seeing this, Swami signalled that He did not require a fan. So the boys surrounding Swami began to fan Him with their hand-fans. Swami asked them stop. After a while, someone suggested to me to fan Swami as I was sitting right behind Him. I fanned Swami gently and this went on for about half an hour. Later, when I reflected on this, the link was apparent. Truly, God’s delays are not denials. 


One day we were delayed in reaching the Mandir and Darshan was already in progress. So, we hurried and sat in the place that is usually left vacant (the place is allotted to Alike boys when they visit Prasanthi Nilayam). Swami came to us and asked, “Alike boys?” All of us replied, “No Swami, school boys.” Swami looked at the Institute boys who had just then arrived. Hearing our reply they too said, “Institute boys Swami,” Swami took a few steps, turned back and said, “School boys and Institute boys, then who are My boys?” 

Bhagavan only meant that all of us have to graduate from ‘Institute boys’ to ‘His Boys’. We become His boys only when we follow Him implicitly. 

All the love and care that Bhagavan showers on us, all the credit that He gives us, all the efforts He puts in to mould us, is only to make us beacon lights for humanity. He invests so much of His time on us so that we may be the flag posts that keep the flags of goodness and godliness fluttering high even amidst winds of doubt and despair. Let us all on this happy occasion rededicate ourselves and pledge our lives to the service of Sai and let us yearn and learn to listen to His voice in the depths of silence.

- Y. Bala Pavan Kumar
Alumnus, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Prasanthi Nilayam

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