The Onam Day in the year 1988

Early in the morning on Saturday (August 20), Bhagavan had slipped in His bathroom and an X-Ray picture taken by the doctors revealed a fracture in the hipbone. Although the doctors had advised four weeks of complete bed rest, Swami declared that he needed no rest and would carry on His work. Swami, however, had to refrain from giving the usual Darshans for the next few days.

Onam was celebrated at Prasanthi Nilayam on 26th August 1988. On the morning of the 26th, the Onam programme began with Vedic chants and folk dances by students of the Srisailam Vidya Vihar. The students band greeted Bhagavan when He gave darshan from the balcony of the Prashanti Mandir to the inexpressible delight of the thousands of devotees who had gathered in the Mandir compound. Hundreds of overseas devotees were also present.

In the afternoon, the State President of Kerala Organisation, Sri Natarajan, welcomed Bhagavan at the Poornachandra Auditorium. Bhagavan blessed the devotees with His Onam message at 4.30 pm.

Beginning His discourse on the Onam Day with a call to men to realise their inherent Divinity, Bhagavan devoted a good part of His discourse to an account of what happened to Him on Saturday and cleared all the doubts and apprehensions felt by the devotees regarding His ailment. The entire gathering heard with rapt attention Swami's memorable discourse, which provided not only new insights into His Avataric mission but revealed to them how they should overcome "the ills which flesh is heir to."

In His Discourse, He narrated the details about His fall and the fracture. He said that, “I told the doctors firmly, when thousands of devotees from Kerala have arrived here, it is impossible for Me to go away to Bangalore for treatment. I will not go. The joy of the devotees is My joy.” Bhagavan watched a cultural programme presented by the Bal Vikas students that evening.

Source: Sri Sathya Sai Digvijayam (1986-2005)

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